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Legacy Week

Remember this week is Legacy week made all the more relevant by recent losses in Afghanistan.

You will see soldiers at shopping centres with Legacy Badges for sale. Go to them, buy a badge and commiserate with them over the recent loss of mates.

Don’t forget!

On Leave

Heading down to Melbourne tomorrow to attend a Regimental reunion followed by a run through the Great Ocean Road, Bendigo, Bathurst, Griffith and back home.

See you in two weeks

Census Data

An interesting link. Enter your Post Code for a snapshot.

Glass half full or half empty

The Australian Headline: Ashby conspiracy claims backfire
The Age Headline: Ashby facing prospect of criminal charges, court hears.

The Australian quotes Justice Rares;

….Justice Steven Rares in the Federal Court this morning said that the allegations of a criminal conspiracy from Mr Slipper and senior ministers meant that Mr Ashby could no longer be forced to make a submission against the allegations in the civil case because he may incriminate himself.

“You have raised the stakes, now in raising the stakes you cannot just pull back a bit . . . You don’t know how somebody might use that information in a criminal investigation,” Justice Rares told Mr Slipper’s lawyer David Chin.

“He does not have to give his name if he is involved in and suspected of a crime . . . If we do not uphold those rights in our society we live in a police state.”

The Age does quote Justice Rare but only just. Buried deep within the article that concentrates on quoting ALP senior minister’s seemingly interfering with due process (Albanese and Roxon) they finally mention the relevant point;

Justice Steven Rares said Mr Ashby could not be forced to incriminate himself.

Gina attacking, shares spiralling down and next year a likely conservative government…you have to feel sorry for The Age

State of Origin

A great Game

I think its always best when we win in the last minute by just a kick. It gives the Blues and the state of NSW the whole game to live in hope only to have their hopes dashed at the last minute.

Makes the victory all the sweeter particularly when 4.8 million witnessed the game.

Black Caviar wins at Ascot

Ted Eagan has a song out already celebrating the mare’s great series of 22 straight wins – a success record not equaled for over 150 years. Had a beer with Ted years ago at his house in Alice. Typical of Ted it was called “Sink-a-tinny Downs”…and we sank some!

He is well know and respected in the Territory for the good works he has done for our indigenous brothers

Dingo guilty!

Can’t see why. What is the evidence that a dingo did it? I can imagine NT coroner Elizabeth Morris finding the dingo guilty just to end the bloody case as we have been dealing with it for 32 years so far. There might be case to give the Chamberlains closure and peace of mind but guilty findings are supposed to be on hard evidence and beyond a reasonable doubt and I haven’t read any reports that can be taken as conclusive.

Still, the good news is we shouldn’t have to read about it anymore.

Someone pressed his ‘off’ button

MEN everywhere should today stop to remember Eugene Polley – the man who invented the first wireless TV remote control.

Polley, 96, died of natural causes at an Illinois hospital, according to Zenith Electronics, his workplace from 1935 to 1982.

Of course, women may not be so keen to stop and remember – not my wife anyway. Since my first remote TV (connected to the TV via a cable) I’ve had it in my hand whenever we sat and watched TV. My infantry trained ears could detect a commercial approaching as well as any sneaky enemy and I’d zap the TV to the alternative channel that hopefully wasn’t also in a commercial mode. If it was then I simply surfed avoiding anything that remotely looked like a commercial until the programme resumed.

My wife couldn’t handle that which is why I’m now watching Origin football in my study with a USB TV stick in my laptop and she is watching some girlie rubbish on the big TV in the lounge. I bet she even leaves the TV on the same channel when the adds come along.


Staffer files formal claim against Slipper

The staff member who has made accusations against House of Representatives Speaker Peter Slipper has filed a formal statement of claim in the Federal Court.

A directions hearing for the case, launched by former adviser James Ashby, is due to be held on Friday.

ABC article and Notice of Filing (all the gory details) here

(thanks to reader Robert Spivey)

The Earthian leadership change

Typical of Bob Brown, ever there to stuff me around, he announces his retirement on the day I’m committed to go camping with the Kids thus denying me the ability to to applaud his gift to the nation in a timely manner.

Mind you the weekend was better spent with kids and grand kids at Tewantin. A new experience for one daughter with her V8 Discovery as son and I nursed her through beach driving and the Freshwater track to Rainbow beach where we enjoyed lunch and lamented the encroachment of yuppies and the resultant demise of the old pub. She didn’t need much nursing but men’s egos being what they are, she obligingly paid homage to our 4 wheel driving skills.

Another daughter arrived with two little girls, one only 2 odd weeks old. In the absence of the family matriarch (read galley slave) we decided to have dinner at the new Noosa North Shore pub. Flash as a rat with a gold tooth the pub is new and symptomatic of the march of the yuppies. A good night though, and should I live long enough, I will regale little Evie with stories of how she had a beer with her Granddad before she was three weeks old.

We later gathered under my small canvas canopy as the rain drummed down and sorted out the problems of the world aided by beer, rum and white wine but as no one took notes the world will have to move on without our erudite solutions.

The next morning, rum dissapated from my system and salt and sand washed from the Rangie at the car wash, I rolled down the highway and nearly run off the road when I heard Christine Milne saying she will seek to establish a new political support base among rural Australians and “progressive” businesses as part of an intensified campaign against the “vested interests” of the resource-based economy.

Yeah, well good luck with that Christine. You need to be aware that your party are literally hated in the bush. Your strange ideas simply frighten people and any campaign against the “vested interests” of the resource-based economy will make it worse. The “vested interests” happen to be the Australian economy and all who depend on it for a high standard of living.

The Earthians may have some momentary success with farmers who don’t want Coal Seam Gas anywhere near their properties but that will be about it.

Try talking to the cattle live export industry, or at least whats left of it, about a new new political support base.

I feel Bob Brown got out while the going was good and that new blood at the helm will only help reinforce the fact that these people are dangerous and the more Christine gets air time, and lets face it, the ABC will give her plenty; the more people will be frightened.

All of which will simply benefit the nation overall as people’s wariness will end up being reflected at the polls.

Still, they can do a lot of damage in the next eighteen months.

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