Arafat to be exhumed

Good! We get to celebrate his death again. Who cares how he died, the important thing is he is dead and gone. The ABC reports the Palestinians already know who killed him….The Israeli Mossa and the American CIA..of course.
Bookstore owner Iyad Muna, 42, told ABC News, “Arafat was killed and we knew that. And we know more than that. We knew that Israel killed him, but there was a lack in evidence. Yesterday we got the evidence.”
Well, not really but it doesn’t matter as Israel will be blamed by the Palestinian people and the Western media well before any evidence surfaces.

US withdraws from Iraq

Six years ago, talking about Iraq, I wrote;
a democracy in the middle of the shit-hole that is the Middle East would give birth to hope and all the Mullahs and Kings and Princes would be feeling uneasy
Since the Arab Spring bloomed I’ve been waiting for someone to put it all together and give George Bush some credit for the changes, all to no avail. Until today that is. Today’s The Australian editorial opines;
Clearly, the Arab Spring has been triggered, at least in part, because people of the Middle East and North Africa have seen Arabs proudly casting ballots in Iraq and taking control of their own destiny. For all his mistakes in the post-invasion phase, it was former president Bush’s foresight and courage in implementing the surge in 2007 that saved the Iraq venture, turning a conflagration of defeat and sectarian terrorism into a solid basis for a secure and democratic future.
And this to close;
So while the end belongs to Mr Obama, the success belongs to Mr Bush
The Left would have to agree, wouldn’t they?

More diggers shot by “Allies”

A ROGUE Afghan National Army soldier is on the run after shooting Australian instructors at a remote base in Afghanistan’s Oruzgan Province. BRENDAN NICHOLSON says Attacks on Diggers by rogue Afghanis threatens withdrawal strategy
Fourteen Australian soldiers have now been shot by members of the Afghan National Army’s 4th Brigade they were training. Four have died since May and 10 are being treated for serious wounds.
This is a terrible outcome but it is war after all. Brendan is not alone in mentioning the withdrawal strategy as many are now calling for our withdrawal because of these rogue attacks. It is reasonable to debate our presence in Afghanistan but not to call for our withdrawal just because we are taking these sought of casualties. I too have feel threatened by allies and can recall telling a Vietcong Chieu Hoi that if he lead us into an ambush I would shoot him first. He behaved himself. The Army will have already changed tactics and protocols to deal with this but the aim of the mission needs to be maintained; not changed because the degree of difficulty increases.

General Jim Moylan

The General talks about the poor political leadership regards the Afghanistan war He argues we can still win but ends with this comment:
If and when we fail in Afghanistan, there will be plenty of blame to go around. In my view, statesmen across the world that led their troops into the fight, committed too few troops and while their troops fought like lions, they led like donkeys, it is they who deserve the lion’s share of the blame.

War is not 9 to 5

THE military tactic most favoured by the coalition in Afghanistan – night raids by special forces to kill or capture insurgents – has been highly criticised in a report that suggests it creates as many enemies as it eliminates. A report by two private organisations, the Open Society Foundations and The Liaison Office, to be released in Kabul today, said these raids were occurring at the rate of up to 40 a night and the troops were detaining thousands of suspected insurgents. Most were found to be innocent and released, the researchers said. When human rights lawyers make statements just look at who would benefit if the military listened to them – The Taliban, that’s who! Warfare is a 24/7 industry and if night time operations upset some people then that’s just how it works.

Osama unarmed when killed

OSAMA bin Laden offered resistance but was not armed when he was shot dead during a raid by a US special operations team on the compound where he lived in Pakistan for years. Big deal – neither were the three thousand odd civilians killed in New York during 9/11. I see no advantage in taking him to court where he would have a soap box to voice his hatred. The human rights lawyers would drag it out for years with the consequence of al-Qa’ida recruiting being the only winner. I’m a bit surprised he was killed by a head shoot – I would have thought aiming for the centre of the seen mass could have produced a chest or gut/spinal shot that would have been more painful and time consuming, yet would still achieve the final deserved result. More gloating details here. UPDATE: It doesn’t take long; Whats got more brains than Osama? The wall behind him! Apparently some of Bin Ladens family were killed in the shootuot. I guess this gives a new meaning to taking the bins out. Starbucks has introduced a new coffee special – the Osama Bin Latte! It has a fluffy white head with two shots in it! 6 Irishmen have just drowned dancing on Bin Ladens grave My mate’s girlfriend has called her g-spot ‘‘Osama’‘. She reckons it took him 10 years to find it, but when he did ….KABOOM! All stolen from The Punch More here

WikiLeaks threat

AUSTRALIAN officials are bracing for a massive leak of classified US State Department cables. The latest tranche of classified documents could comprise more than two million diplomatic cables sent between the State Department and its posts around the world.
Australian government agencies are bracing for the worst, “in part because we simply don’t know just how bad it might be”, the Australian official said.
Someone should top Assange – he’s simply too dangerous. Some simple folk may think it’s cool to catch some politician out but it’s very uncool to publish state secrets that will only serve to aid and abet the enemy.

Recycling IED makers

SUSPECT insurgents held by Australian troops are spending time handcuffed, blindfolded and wearing earmuffs to stop them talking to each other. The journalist is all over the fact that the terrorists are treated like prisoners hoping this will raise a storm of human rights activists complaining about the inhumane treatment whereas the soldier in me is somewhat confused about the next two paragraphs. Since it opened last month, the centre has held 156 suspected insurgents, most of them picked up by Australian special forces, who scour the surrounding mountains and valleys for Taliban bomb makers, the biggest killers of coalition and Afghan troops, the police and Afghan civilians.
The legal officer at the jail said some of the 156 men detained had been picked up because they tested positive for explosives residue. If there was no further evidence against them, a conviction was considered unlikely and they were freed.
Thus allowing them to get amongst more residue as they build more IEDs to kill us. That’s insane……. lawyers making tactical decisions that endanger the lives of Diggers. Not good.

Have we gone insane?

A soldier pens an email to a mate criticizing the Army generally and his headquarters specifically and we are having a national debate. So far the Minister for Defence and a Lt Gen have made statements and hundreds of would be arm-chair generals have given us the benefit of the erudite and considered opinions. At the Herald Sun every tenth comment says we shouldn’t be there and then there’s some who shouldn’t be allowed to have an opinion.
Houston, Chief of Army, who ever is in charge of “OUR TROOPS” plus the obvious incompetent Major all should be immediately removed.
Houston is actually Chief of the Defence Force. Gen Gillespie is the Chief of the Army and he sure as hell won’t ‘be removed’ He’s doing a sterling job considering all the problems he has. As for the Major who the soldier accused of not doing his job properly, as if he would know, is accused, court martialed, found guilty and dismissed all on the basis of a disgruntled soldiers words. Every one has an answer. Bring ’em home – they shouldn’t be there, sack the Generals…sack the Majors…send abraham tanks…send Tiger attack choppers and sack the politicians. Here’s a new thought….remind the soldier about the chain of command, then sack him and get on with it. Defence will always be reviewing the situation and asking for more troops and equipment and the politicians will, as always, not give them everything they ask for. say the soldiers email will be investigated and in due course, after a lot of questions the Minister for Defence will announce that all is well. One drop kick says “It’s Vietnam all over again” Well, yes in a sense, it is. It’s a war and you can never get too many tanks or attack choppers or artillery in a war. There will always be a priority and every patrol cant be guaranteed to have full support every time they clash with the enemy. Whereas I’m reluctant to give credence to one email from a Private soldier I do listen to Generals and Jim Moylan, ex General, has a lot to say on this subject. If you are really interested and look to forming a considered opinion you would do well to read anything he says. I have written about Moylan before so maybe you should also check that out so you can see I am really on the side of the soldiers. Just not ones who abuse the chain of command.

Sgt Till was tired!

SERGEANT Brett Till may have been fatigued when he was killed 18 months ago trying to defuse a roadside bomb in Afghanistan, a defence inquiry has found.
Sergeant Till, a member of the Holsworthy-based Incident Response Regiment (IRR) had fired a controlled initial blast to destroy the booby trap and was inspecting the result when the bomb’s main 20kg charge suddenly detonated, the inquiry found.
…may have been fatigued. Motherhood statement. Soldiers at war are fatigued for the bulk of their time on operations and unless you have more IED demolition teams than IEDs then it will be ever thus.
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