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BBC caught out

Tory fury as BBC sends hecklers to bait Howard

The BBC was last night plunged into a damaging general election row after it admitted equipping three hecklers with microphones and sending them into a campaign meeting addressed by Michael Howard, the Conservative leader.

…the hecklers began shouting slogans that were “distracting and clearly hostile to the Conservative Party”.

These included “Michael Howard is a liar”, “You can’t trust the Tories” and “You can only trust Tony Blair”.

Why is anyone surprised. That’s the role of public funded TV. Like it’s spawn, the ABC, the BBC has always had a left bias and a belief that their role is to make any conservative government look bad.

Howard to blame for Domestics

THE Howard Government’s annual $3000 “baby bonus” is contributing to domestic violence in low-income households as parents fight over how to spend the money.

Catholic Welfare Australia has done well. They’ve highlighted their cause and managed to blame Howard in the same article.

Catholic Welfare Australia chief executive Frank Quinlan yesterday told a federal parliamentary inquiry into balancing work and family life that his agency was receiving increasing reports of household violence provoked by disputes over welfare payments.

People have domestics for lots of reasons and I guess an income spike is one of them but to blame the source of the extra income is drawing a very long bow.

The same logic should apply to commerce. Guy works overtime, gets income spike, has domestic over what to spend it on and blames his boss for providing overtime.

Get real!

ABC baying at the moon

The ABC are now recycling a comment by a relative of a child attacked by a pedophile in Bali. Apparently it’s the government’s fault – Foreign Minister Downer refused to issue a warning about the hotel where it allegedly happened.

The Federal Government had failed to act to protect others after two Australian children were sexually abused in Bali, a relative of one of the victims said today.

The woman, who was not named, told ABC television that Australian authorities had offered an “incredibly inadequate” response to her sister and nephew, who was orally raped at a Bali resort two years ago.

Presumable Downer also refuses to issue warnings about other risks in travel – like if you don’t take care of your children when in a foreign country they may come to grief, or, when walking down the street in Hanoi you may be accosted by a beggar, or you may trip over the poorly maintained footpaths in Jakarta.

The one warning some people need is ‘when in foreign countries – take care and accept responsibility for your own actions’.

I don’t hold the parents or relative to blame for this waste of prime time TV as they would be stressed, but certainly question the ABC. Still severely disappointed with Howard’s win, they seek high and low for any murmur of poor government and continually have to make do with this sort of rubbish.

Kim Landers tries hard to get mileage but stumbles. (scroll down just a bit)

KIM LANDERS: Senator Ellison even wanted the hotels which didn’t comply to Australian standards of childcare be publicly named on our travel advisories.

ALEXANDER DOWNER: Yes, well that would just be simply impossible. I mean, I don’t know if you know how many childcare centres there are in the world, but I don’t, but you can imagine it would be a simply enormous number.

It’s simply impossible for Australian officials to check out every childcare centre in the world and draw up a massive list of the standards that they meet or don’t meet, if you reflect on it, that’s just common sense.

…common sense – not an ABC issue.

So what we’ve done instead is have a general proposition made available to parents travelling with children that you know, they’ve got to be careful about childcare centres and make sure they check them out properly. I mean, I think, you know, that’s just a common sense way of handling it.

End of message.

On the Home Front

Labours three-mine policy.

If ever a Labour politician personified what is wrong with the ALP it has to be Martin Ferguson.

In a small article in todays Australian Kevin Foley, South Australia’s Labour Treasurer calls on the ALP to scrap their ‘idiotic’ three-mines policy and Martin counters that the ALP’s three-mine policy is not a three-mine policy.

See if you can work this out.

He says;

Contrary to what some people think, Labour does not have a three-mines policy.

The policy of the Labour Party is that whatever mines are in operation at a time at which a Labour government is elected will remain in operation.

At the moment there are three mines.

He then clears up any confusion by finishing his three-mine policy statement with this;

The only other barrier I see (to importing uranium to China) is an absolute shortage of tradesmen in Australia.

All clear? Good

No joy for ALP as Coalition widens gap

In a totally unconnected article (maybe) Newspoll has news for Labour and it’s all bad.

Labor is failing to gain any traction with voters. The ALP’s primary vote has softened to just 36 per cent, lower than it recorded at the October 9 election.

But the Coalition’s primary vote is at a commanding 47per cent, delivering a two-party-preferred vote of 54 per cent, according to the latest Newspoll, conducted exclusively for The Australian.

It appears the voters may be nervous about interest rates but are not showing any signs of blaming the Coalition. All Beazley’s lies about how Howard lied is simply not believable. The voters know that Howard never said interest rates wouldn’t rise under the Coalition as Beazley and Swan repeatedly asserted.

He only said they would be lower under a Coalition government and people do believe that.

Paternity no longer in doubt

I have to feel sorry for Tony Abbott with his recent roller-coaster paternity issues. He had a son, and now he doesn’t.

DNA says so.

But the rights and wrongs of Mr Abbott, as a young man, giving up a child he believed was his own for adoption now takes on a different texture in the reality that the child was never his. His personal tragedy becomes even more charged.

Some years ago a girl fell pregnant at my wife’s work place. She was having an affair at the time with a co-worker who was more than happy to pay maintenance even though the relationship had subsequently faltered. The guys mother insisted on a DNA test and everyone was staggered when it came back negative.

Advice to the young. Check it out – DNA testing only cost $600 which could be a whole lot less that years of maintenance.

Oh, and always listen to your Mum.

Lightweight Lightfoot

According to this SMH article Senate numbers are behind the PM’s inaction in the case the Travels and Travails of Lightfoot. Could be right too. It’s also right that the only reason Labour are banging on about Lightfoot is they live in hope of some how or other eliminating the looming Coalition majority in the Senate.

Labour most probably have battalions of research assistants trying to dig up dirt on Conservative Senators. Any dirt…any Senator. We?ve got get rid of the Senate majority those stupid voters gave Howard.

Sorry guys. I don’t think this case will do it.

I think in the long term Lightfoot will be found guilty of skiting in a childish manner, but I don’t think a happy travel snap with an AK47 in your hand is a capital offence.

Lightfoot says he was just being friendly

In other weekend news Labour win at Werriwa, take a ‘gimme’ and try to claim it’s the turning point for politics in Australia. Labour were never in doubt and the Liberals didn’t even bother fielding a candidate.

If I were Labour I’d just be happy with the result and get on with forgetting about Latham. Any mention of the ‘L’ word won?t help their cause.

Tomorrows news hounds will try and rationalize it the same way. Some will even talk of the end of Howard’s honeymoon and if that doesn’t work they will start up another ‘reliable sources’ or ‘a Liberal insider’ said today that Costello is tired of waiting for the baton, type article.

Beazley would have us believe it was all a vote against interest rates.

Mr Beazley, who phoned Mr Hayes from the wedding of his daughter Hannah in Perth to offer his congratulations, had urged people to vote Labor to send a protest message to Mr Howard about the recent interest rate rise.

While Liberals say;

… it showed voters “were pleased to get rid of Mark Latham”.

Interest Rates

As I remember it Howard didn’t say that interest rates wouldn’t go up under his Government. What he said was they would always be less under the Liberals than Labour.

You won’t get any odds on that bet.

How is it then that Beasley, Swan and every Union hack that the ABC has standing by for anti-Howard sound bites is calling him a liar.

He’s got a long way to go before interest rates exceeds Labour’s record.

This from the ALP’s website.

JOURNALIST: Were the Australian people duped by the Howard Government in the last election?

BEAZLEY: Every person who watches these programs and everyone person who reads your newspaper know that the Howard Government promised the Australian people that if they were re-elected, interest rates wouldn’t rise. They’ve broken that promise.

JOURNALIST: They didn’t promise that though, they promised that they would be lower under a Coalition than a Labor Government.

BEAZLEY: Don’t you fall for the weasel words you’re a smarter person than that. You know exactly what they were doing in the course of the last election campaign, they were saying, subliminally and overtly to the Australian public, vote for us and we’ll keep your interest rates down, well, they haven’t.

Not working, Beasley. Only the converted believe you. The rest of us, and an increasing percentage of the converted, remember exactly what Howard said.

Red Badge of “Up Yours”

Social engineers promise to turn me into a pariah by making me put a sticker on my V8 4WD (SUV). I’m proud of the fact that even my vehicle is politically incorrect and if I can get a sticker to prove it, I’d be ecstatic.

OWNERS of petrol-guzzling vehicles would be “shamed” with bright-red stickers on their cars under a scheme to be considered by the State Government.

“Shamed?” It’d be a badge of honour!

Sunday, when professional journalists have a day off, produces weird copy, but this article is a beauty.

Under the plan, introduced in Britain this week, large vehicles that chew through fuel ? like four-wheel-drives and high performance vehicles ? display red stickers as a warning of their environmental unfriendliness.

The rating system is based on a car’s emissions of harmful carbon dioxide, the gas recognised as having a serious effect on the Earth’s climate.

I’d say my modern V8 emitts less CO2 than most Hippy chariots (VW Kombis) I’ve seen, what with modern technology and regular servicing my mechanic is very serious about emmissions and adjusts and retunes whenever necessary.

However I still want a red sticker, but I want mine to say “The gas created by this 4WD has addled the brains of ten Greenies”. Something must be causing Bob Brown and his dreadlocked warriors to act like they do.

And I want it now!

The IR war

The opening rounds of Australia’s next war are currently being primed and loaded by the AWU Generals starting with the 2005 AWU National Conference held recently at the Gold Coast.

The four-day conference on the Gold Coast brings together nearly 200 AWU delegates representing 135,000 workers nationally. Guest speakers will include Queensland Premier Peter Beattie, ACTU Secretary Greg Combet, Federal Shadow Treasurer Wayne Swan, Shadow Industrial Relations Minister Stephen Smith and former Labor Prime Minister Bob Hawke.

Big guns are coming in from overseas to lend socialist weigth to the conference

Sixteen representatives of international union organisations, including from China, the USA, Britain, Canada and Denmark are attending the AWU conference.

Shorten announces his resistance to the Governments plans to tidy up all those matters that are impinging on Australia’s growth and economy.

Mr Shorten said the conference would debate the AWU’s resistance to the Howard Government’s planned legislation to cut Award conditions, scale back unfair dismissal laws, weaken the Industrial Relations Commission and hinder union attempts to organise in workplaces.

In todays Australian. Kate Legge fires the first burst at the Governments plan to control the Disability Support Pension (DSP). She waxes long and emotional about Ivan, a 40 year old who has psychological and behavioural difficulties that has precluded him from working for the past 30 years.

She makes this emotive call

Whenever the fraught issue of the DSP comes before cabinet, I think of Ivan and how he will manage if new rules are introduced tightening the eligibility criteria for a benefit that is more generous than the dole and therefore a preferable place to park yourself if employment in an increasingly competitive job market seems remote.

Be aware that the DSP issue will be long on emotion and very, very short of facts. Ivan’s case, on the face of it, seams reasonable and he will most probably manage quite well as he is unlikely to face change, but the Ivans are not the target.

The targets are those with very iffy, unprovable disabilities who milk the public purse on the basis of stress and sore backs. Becaue the DSP offers more money and less scrutiny, people so inclined have bothered Doctors and Physciatrists ad nauseum until they sign the ‘No work – full pay’ chit.

Kate alludes to the problem herself when she says the DSP is a;

…benefit that is more generous than the dole and therefore a preferable place to park yourself if employment in an increasingly competitive job market seems remote

The DSP was never intended to be a Dole payment and yet we have people, simply unemployed, exhibiting a preference for the more generous, less scrutinized DSP.

The unemployed are not supposed to be able to pick and choose their avenue of access to the public purse. They should get the dole until they rejoin the workforce.

It looks like being an interesting battle. Debate is needed to keep the Government concentrating on reform but I think by the time Howard has control of the Senate everything that needs to be said will have been said. Conversely we will hear and read a lot of irrelevant, emotive, socialist waffle that most Australians will consign to the bin of ‘less important’ things.

Let’s join the fray and be done with it.

‘Anna’ witch hunt

In an article in the Age, Andra Jackson sheets home the blame for the trials and tribulations of Cornelia Rau, AKA ?Anna Schmidt,? to the Queensland Police.

Queensland police say they were unable to identify her, even though she was listed as missing with NSW police. They handed her over to immigration authorities after she gave an alias of “Anna” and spoke some German, leading them to suspect she was “an illegal non-citizen”.

The words even though she was listed as missing with NSW police don’t really mean much if the woman is talking German, doesn’t give her name and is carrying no ID. It was most probably reasonable to take the action they did – hand her over to immigration.

The words even though she was listed as missing with NSW police definitely don’t mean anything when the family hadn’t even submitted their missing persons report at the time of the Queensland police intervention. The Age’s timeline has her handed over to the police by the Aborigines at Coen in March and her family filing a missing person’s report with the NSW Police in August. (scroll down to the bottom of the page) So not only are the police guilty of thinking that someone who looks, talks and acts like an illegal non-citizen needs to be handed over to Immigration but they failed to check for a missing person’s file that hadn’t even been submitted.

I’m of the opinion that the initial problem in this terrible case is the State Governments abrogation of their duty towards the care of mentally ill people. Mental institutions are politically incorrect in these enlightened days with the result that more and more of the insane or mentally disturbed are pushed into standard hospitals that can ill afford the bed space or time to give them proper treatment.

‘Send them back on the street’ say the bean counters and we end up with ‘Anna’ walking around Coen jabbering in German.

During her detention she was subjected to physical restraint in Brisbane prison. At Baxter she was isolated for a week and then locked in her room for 18 hours a day, despite exhibiting highly disturbed behaviour.

Says who?

In another article in The Age Pamela Curr, co-ordinator of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre in Melbourne says;

…her (Anna’s)fate could befall Australia residents who could not confirm their identity, whether ill or not.

and she is most probably right.

If you look foreign, speak only in a foreign tongue, can’t ID yourself and generally act ‘iffy’ then you will attract the attention of Immigration. That’s their job and if one is found acting like an illegal non-citizen then it is the job of police hand such people over to immigration for them to make an assessment.

Pamela Curr and Andra Jackson are both supporters of illegal boat people and visa over-stayers who shop for the country with the best social security and consequently come here. Pamela, Andra and their kind will never forgive Howard for stopping the boat people cold in their tracks and look for every breech or supposed breech of their vision of how the country should be run as a means to attack the government.

Beazley talks of compensation

Speaking on Channel Ten’s Meet The Press, Mr Beazley said Ms Rau could well have a compensation claim against the Immigration Department.

Good idea Kim. Start with the Manly Hospital and the NSW Health Department.

The Democrats want a judicial enquiry and also demand a Senate enquiry. They will want that before June so it will be stacked with Labour, Democrats and Greens. They most probably see this as their last chance to embarrass the government.

Not to be outdone the Refugee Action Coalition want a royal commission with Vanstone?s head on a plate as the centre-piece.

The NSW Refugee Action Coalition has called for a royal commission into Ms Rau’s detention and for Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone to resign “for allowing such a brutal episode to take place in one of her detention centres”.

Roll on the Conservative Senate majority.

‘Anna’s” case is regrettable but terms of reference for any enquiry needs to centre on how she slipped through the system in the first place. What was her path from Manly to Coen. How does a psychiatric patient in such a bad way as has been reported, escape in the first place. Coen is a bloody long way from Manly – did no one notice a deranged woman, unable to speak English wandering around?

When she was in the Brisbane prison and ‘had to be restrained’ why wasn’t she subject to a full psychiatric assessment and treated accordingly. Kim Beasley might suggest the family sue Queensland Corrective services and Health Department as well as the NSW Health system.

I feel sorry for the woman and wish her and her family well but I think point- scoring by the banshees of the left needs to be toned down so we can look at all aspects of the case – starting with the contributions of the NSW and Queensland Health and Corrective Services departments and then by tracing her path of troubles all the way from Manly Hospital to Baxter.

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