Rudd now wants to join the education debate

At a seminar in Brisbane earlier yesterday with education spokeswoman Jenny Macklin, Mr Rudd challenged John Howard to a national debate on education

We’ve been having a national debate on education for some time now. It has centred on the ALP’s left wing attitudes to teaching and will most probably continue for some time. I note Western Australia has been forced to abandon their policy in light of all the flack it received for it’s discredited outcomes-based education; but behind this weeks headlines announcing the abandonment this article in the West Australian reveals the OBE mob are fighting a rear guard action and so far they have only abandoned the policy implimentation for year 11 students.

Education Minister Mark Mc-Gowan acknowledged the so-called “levels” marking system was inadequate for ranking students for university and had caused huge angst among teachers and parents, forcing the Government to abandon plans to apply it to Year 11 students this year.

If it’s inadequate for ranking students for university why is it still in place at all?

The surest sign that the debate on education needs to continue is the howl of protest heard whenever Howard questions todays standards.

If Rudd wants to enter the debate now then good. He may be able to clarify the ideological constraints on the debate to date as the people trying to stifle it are all from his side of politics.

Bring it on.

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