My old mates positively identified

REMAINS found in Vietnam this month have been identified as two Australian soldiers declared missing in action in 1965.

Australian forensic scientists in Vietnam confirmed the remains belong to Lance Corporal Richard Parker and Private Peter Gillson.

The pair were killed during a Vietnam War battle in Dong Nai province, east of Saigon.

The forensic team reported that dental records, bones, teeth and artefacts found at the burial site, including military dog tags, led to the positive identifications.

If your a first time reader then previous articles covering the long fight to recover the bodies of ‘Tiny’ and Peter are Possible Closure on Hill 82 , More on Hill 82 and We’re taking you home, you’re OK now .

There is only one article left to write on the subject and that will be when I hopefully go to the service, presumably in Sydney, to lay them to rest.

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