Army recruiting ad

THE Department of Defence has scrapped recruitment advertisements criticised for their alluring content.
In one of the advertisements for the Royal Australian Army Dental Corps, the modern woman digger is depicted as a buxom , full-lipped wonderwoman wearing a tight-fitting white nursing outfit.

Unfortunately, many women in the military did not believe the “you” as depicted even existed and believed the posters sent inappropriate signals.

One senior air force officer was appalled by the portrayal.

“I think they are woeful and say a lot about how army males see the world,” she said.

She’s most probably right but I don’t see her point

If any kind hearted digger would like to send me a copy of the Dental Assistant (in a plain brown wrapper, of course) I would gladly display on the wall of my bar. Not as a gratuitous pin-up (I’m married with three daughters) but as a memorial to ‘Political Incorrectness”

In the meantime, where do I sign up? I can feel a toothache coming on.

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