Army recruiting ad

THE Department of Defence has scrapped recruitment advertisements criticised for their alluring content. In one of the advertisements for the Royal Australian Army Dental Corps, the modern woman digger is depicted as a buxom , full-lipped wonderwoman wearing a tight-fitting white nursing outfit. Unfortunately, many women in the military did not believe the "you" as depicted even existed and believed the posters sent inappropriate signals. One senior air force officer was appalled by the portrayal.
"I think they are woeful and say a lot about how army males see the world," she said.
She's most probably right but I don't see her point If any kind hearted digger would like to send me a copy of the Dental Assistant (in a plain brown wrapper, of course) I would gladly display on the wall of my bar. Not as a gratuitous pin-up (I'm married with three daughters) but as a memorial to 'Political Incorrectness" In the meantime, where do I sign up? I can feel a toothache coming on.


  • My mother has a similar poster from WW1, where a pretty lady in a uniform is standing with the slogan “I Want You” painted above her head. Some things never change.

  • The USN posters during WW2 were similar. What has changed is peoples alacrity to complain about something-nothing

  • I think we are fast approaching the point where we might as well get out of the military business and take up knitting.

    Had the posters been serious about convincing troops that Dental (for example) was full of hot chicks who were after them, they’d have used a hot chick rather than a cartoon.

    It was meant to catch the eye, as I understand it the ad campaign was meant to encourage troops to corp transfer rather than pull the pin. I also believe that it has worked and corp transfer apps are way up.

  • Harry, the campaign was exactly that. To target those at the end of their Initial Period of Service and had no real reason to discharge, other than nothing else to do. As one of those who made a formal complaint to the CA over the content and quality of this campaign, I’m certainly no ‘whinging jealous bitch’. I’ve got no problem with attracting prospective members to the trade I’m responsible for, what I want to see is information that captivates, is relevant and shows something more than peurile attempts at infantilism.
    In fact, the majority of entrants applying for these roles are disaffected NCO’s, not junior soldiers. Wrong target audience, wrong message. In the end, the CA and CDF agreed and pulled the campaign.

  • i definately understand were the woman in the military are comming from
    but at the same time in all the recruitment posters of men in the military
    are shown as buff and attractive aswell. What i dont like is the fact
    that all these posters of the jobs on the side are of woman.. where are the
    male nurses? why havent they been drawn with tight white singlets and
    pouting lips?