Someones getting frustrated

A MAN has been arrested after a flaming shoulder bag was thrown over the fence of the Prime Minister's Sydney residence, Kirribilli House.
Local police were called at 11.48am (AEST) after the man allegedly ignited the woven cotten bag and threw it over the gate, a NSW police spokeswoman said.
The Prime Minister was in Canberra at the time and no one was hurt but it is a bad start to the election campaign.


  • Pretty stupid act – but unless I’ve missed something, the election hasn’t been called, so the campaign hasn’t started.

  • OK – pseudo campaign

  • The Viet Cong used similar “satchel charges” pretty effectively 40 years ago.

    Dry run by extremist ratbags?

    Risk a fine if the “sapper” fails and is caught, or try on a serious attempt on the PM if it succeeds and he gets away.

    Worth consideration in my book.

  • Absolutely, they’re probably tunneling under Kirribilli House as we speak.

  • I think he may be getting a touch anxious at the outcome. Nobody likes a sore winner and I think he may be surprised that people are starting to see through him. Strikes me as too much of a fair weather politician and not any backbone. Should be interesting to see him ritually implode though. Especially if he takes the blood nut bitch down with him.

  • 1735099? Is that a regimental number? Are you attached to the damn thing that much?

  • CB
    As it happens, it is my regimental number – from the numbers you can ascertain that I’m an ex-Nasho, and I’m from Queensland. The “damn thing” you refer to is my service in 7RAR in Vietnam in 1970. I’m proud of that – is that a problem for you?
    By the way – “CB” used to be the acronym for “Confined to barracks” – one of the regimental penalties for stuffing up big-time – perhaps a fitting identity in your case?

  • In this case, whilst he should well and truly be confined to barracks, it stands for Chief Bastard and is a far more fitting moniker than you could possibly imagine. :-)