Woman angered by silence on the Iraq War

From getup.org;
As this election looks more and more a case of "Don't mention the war", two brave young Australian women, both victims of the war on terror, have united to put peace back on the political agenda.
Whereas I have sympathy for both of them, they are fighting an uphill battle as news from the war gets better each day. Even the ALP are silent on the matter and the only people who want to raise a noise are the Getup mob. The media have just gone quiet about Iraq, haven't they? Well with their idea about Iraq being, only bad news is good news, we can see why. The BBCare getting the message and The Observer, a long-time opponent to anything George Bush suggested heads an article -Packed classes hint at peace in battered Iraq in this piece I wonder if it ever occurred to the girls to blame the terrorists for their troubles? Nah can't bash Howard with that. As usual, getup.org is off the pace but I guess they serve some kind of purpose - I just can't think what it might be.


  • Kev, I thought they were upset that the Prime Minister (not the media) was silent about the war. Can you clarify this?

  • I think you are right but it’s irrelevant as the girls and getup.org are just trying to bring the war into the campaign and no one is interested. They obviously want everyone to talk about the war but it ain’t happening.

  • Extraordinary that the ABC gleefully introduces getup members as ‘non-aligned’, what frog shite, they are so far left they make the ALP look attractive.

    As for the tilty sob story by the women who abandoned her husband in his time of need – you should hang your head in shame you miserable bitch.

    Typical of the left – Tommy this and Tommy that and then lets use your death for our perverted purposes.

    Yeah that’s the left numericity.

  • It would be fantastic if Iraq has come back from the brink. The main reason that it’s not in the news is that each of the main parties (for different reasons) can’t see any percentage in bringing it into the campaign.

    Reading the articles cited indicates that the optimism is strongly hedged –

    “As Bush knows, it is much too early to declare victory or even to suppose that the country has reached that fabled tipping point.” (David Smith’s Observer Article).

    and –

    “Despite the progress in the security arena, the story is far from over. The casualty figures are down, but people are still being killed every day.
    While things have improved greatly in Baghdad, inter-Shia power struggles in the south of the country remain intense, and insurgent activity continues strong around Mosul and Kirkuk in the north.
    Nobody can underestimate the magnitude of the task ahead. And with the clock for US troop withdrawals ticking ever more loudly in Washington, it is a race against time.” (Jim Muir’s BBC report).

    The significant factor, apart from the surge, is that most of the mad bastards that constituted Bush’s most influential advisers have gone, and the tactics on the ground are being determined by those who are actually fighting the war, unencumbered by neocon ideology. Let’s hope it’s not too late.

  • No 1735099. The reason Rudd isn’t hammering on about Iraqis is as I have stated. This is a “glass half empty – “glass half full moment” You can’t say “Apart from the surge” as it’s the basis of the difference and the proof that it is working is that most of the mad bastards that have been murdering their own people have been neutralized.

  • Neutralized?

    Wednesday 14 November: 77 dead

    Baghdad: roadside bomb kills 2, Salhiya; 3 oil ministry employees shot dead in their vehicle; car bomb kills civilian in the north/east; 5 bodies.
    Iskandariya: suicide car bomber attacks gathering of anti al-Qaeda Sheikhs, kills 3.
    Mosul: gunmen kill 4 in separate incidents; Iraqi soldiers kill 2 during clashes; 4 bodies found, one beheaded.
    Tarmiya: up to 45 Sunni Awakening Council members reported mistakenly killed in US air and ground attack.

    22 unidentified bodies are buried in Kirkuk.

    The “no reporting” cuts both ways. I don’t see any reference to these incidents in today’s Australian media.

  • Remember the Lancet article that every Bush hater quoted that tried to tell us more than 500 people were being killed every day of the war? If the left are going to quote that then 77 on one isolated today is a mere blip.

    Quoting stats like these don’t in any way detract from the point that casualties are on a near vertical downward trend.