Woman angered by silence on the Iraq War

From getup.org;

As this election looks more and more a case of “Don’t mention the war“, two brave young Australian women, both victims of the war on terror, have united to put peace back on the political agenda.

Whereas I have sympathy for both of them, they are fighting an uphill battle as news from the war gets better each day. Even the ALP are silent on the matter and the only people who want to raise a noise are the Getup mob.

The media have just gone quiet about Iraq, haven’t they? Well with their idea about Iraq being, only bad news is good news, we can see why.

The BBCare getting the message and The Observer, a long-time opponent to anything George Bush suggested heads an article –Packed classes hint at peace in battered Iraq in this piece

I wonder if it ever occurred to the girls to blame the terrorists for their troubles? Nah can’t bash Howard with that.

As usual, getup.org is off the pace but I guess they serve some kind of purpose – I just can’t think what it might be.

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