Lift your game, Telstra

China's largest mobile phone service provider successfully tested a transmission station on Mount Everest today, making it possible for climbers and those on next year's Olympic torch relay to make calls, a state news agency reported. China Mobile had to hire yaks and porters to help transport equipment up to the station site at 6,500 metres, the Xinhua News Agency said
While Beijing hopes the feat will impress the world, groups critical of China's often harsh 57 year rule over Tibet have decried the torch route as a stunt meant to lend legitimacy to Chinese control.
Who's going to be first nation to put a tower on the moon?


  • Unless they can get to the moon with hired yaks and porters it wont be the chinese. Anyway who is going to use it?

  • I imagine the hundreds of Everest climbers that turn up every year will use it as well as the Chinese military to “keep an eye on things”