Gillard blames Howard for skills drop

EDUCATION Minister Julia Gillard has blamed the Howard government for a decline in the literacy and numeracy standards of Australian students.

Fair enough. Her team won the election and thus have sledging rights but I do think it’s a bit simplistic. The Federal Government’s main input into education is funding the states who then apply the funding as they see fit. Or, rather, as the Teachers Union see fit. This left wing union and the state Labour Government’s have more say in class room teaching than the Federal Government and until Julia speaks of setting the agenda herself then there will be no change.

To be quiet honest, even if she does set the agenda herself I’m willing to bet there will still be no change.

True, Howard tried to influence the school system, the suggested History curriculum comes to mind, but he didn’t get far.

It will be interesting to see where the ALP go on education. “Lap Tops for everyone, lunches for free” type of policy does need some fleshing out.

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