Julia Gillard bad for nation’s image

POLICE spraying fans with pepper spray in the middle of Australia's showcase tennis tournament is bad for the nation's image, Deputy PM Julia Gillard says. Wrong - Thugs threatening police and throwing missiles is bad for our image. The fact that the Police stopped potential rioters with pepper spray sends a message to would-be trouble makers. Sure, some bystanders received a minuscule amount of over spray but that has to be better than being accidentally hit by flying bodies as the police and thugs set to. Julia continues;
Ms Gillard said there was nothing wrong with barracking for a sporting side and it was understandable fans would turn out to support their ancestral homeland. "What we don't want to see of course is ... barracking at sporting contests degenerate into aggressive conduct or aggressive behaviour,'' she said "The debate we're having about what happened at the tennis is what side of the line the conduct was on.
We are not having a debate, you are.
"The police say that the conduct was well over the line into unacceptable and potentially violent behaviour and that's why they reacted''
See, no debate.