Myths surround Islam – leader

The federal government is considering plans for a new-look advisory body to help combat public perceptions of an overly-religious image of Islam.
Dr Ameer Ali, of the Regional Islamic Council, said he agreed with comments by the Parliamentary Secretary for Multicultural Affairs Laurie Ferguson that the idea that all Muslims were religious was a "misconception". "Islam has been portrayed as religion of violence, which is not true. Islam has been portrayed as a religion that promotes jihads ... that's not true," Dr Ali told Sky News.
Misconception...Not true....fine. I don't think any reasonable person would disagree with Dr Amir Ali. They are not all religious neither do all of them support jihad or violence but some of them do and therein lies the problem. Dr Ali says; "The Muslim problem is not a religious problem - it is educational, economic, humanitarian, social. It (the problem) needs a wider attack." I agree the problem is educational - fix that and the other problems will dissolve. In the meantime Australian Muslim leaders need to be a bit more proactive. Heres an idea. The next time some radical idiot blows himself up taking innocents with him condemn the act. Call a press conference and denounce the violence. The next time a leader is reported as agreeing with jihad or condemning the west for taking action against the radicals call a press conference and tell Australians the person quoted doesn't represent the vast majority of Muslims. Tell us that you have given his name and the names of his followers to the Australian Federal Police and that you have removed his power to represent Muslims. Tell us every day that first and foremost you are Australians and have no time for killers, murders or religious zealots.