State’s sky to get heritage status

THE sky above New South Wales is to be given heritage status by the National Trust. The National Trust of NSW is set to classify both the day and night sky above the state as worthy of preservation.
National Trust NSW president Zeny Edwards said the sky viewed from NSW had extraordinary aesthetic, historic, social and scientific significance for all Australians. The move was timely with Earth Hour on Saturday, when switching off city lights would allow the sky to be seen clearly, he said.
What on earth is she on?


  • Dr Zeny Edwards is a female not a male. She is a heritage fanatic. There are many like her in NSW. They are absoutely deluded to the point of appearing to be mentally challanged about heritage. They want to heritage list everything irrespective of whether there is any power to do anything abto genuinely control the thing, once listed. You are just fortunate these same types have not decided they want to heritage list your house. Some poor home owners such as some living in Kur-ing-gai Council area in tatty 1960’s boxy project homes by a large company called Pettit and Sevitt have spent 17 years, lots of money and heartache figting off attempts by these heritage fanatics to heritage list their dumpy project homes. In NSW these people have been agitating to get sewer vents heritage listed [they call it industrial heritage!], 1960;s garages and letter boxes on ed brick veneerials from the 1960’s in the Parramatta Local Government area and in Wollongong they want to heritage list asbestos ridden fibro Housing Commission houses/dumps. They call all this 2oth century heritage and there is in fact a society with that name operating out of the Sydney CBD. The there are those who want to heritage list what they call migrant or ethinic heritage which means the houses with the front gardens concreted over and concrete statues put in them by Greek and Italian migrants. Honestly, these heritage people are absolute nutters.

  • Edwards went on to say:

    “Our sky predates life on earth.”

    To which the only possible reply is: “Well I’ll be buggered – you learn a new thing every day.”

  • Thinking of getting myself listed as worthy of preservation. Does anyone know the process?

  • Yes. All you have to do is phone or write to your local Council and name the object you want to have heritage listed. The Council is then obliged to spend tens of thousands of dollars obtaining specialist reports from people making a living from the heritage industry to say in their view whether or not an item in genuine heritage. There are two problems: the “experts” hired by the Counci to write these reports are normally heritage fanatics themselves and second, the more heritage that they recommend being listed, the more money they make. Dr Edwards for example specialises in heritage architecture. Seriously, these people would not recognise a financial conflict of interest if they fell over it. Yet they run around damning owners of properties or developers for being ‘greedy’ if they oppose the heritage listing. In Kur-ing-gai where Dr Edwards and her supporters congregate,the lives of local owners who happen to own properties these nutters want to list is made a misery. Once couple th Boyds have spent 17 years successfully opposing repeated and I argue vexatious attempts by these heritage Nazis to heritage list their house.