Surprise! China is being China

A HUMILIATED Kevan Gosper has accused the International Olympic Committee of betrayal, condemning the world sporting body for striking a secret deal with China to censor the international media during the Beijing Games.
A red-eyed and crestfallen Gosper, a senior IOC member for 31 years, told The Australian that both his reputation and that of the controversy-plagued IOC had been seriously dented by China's decision to restrict internet access for journalists covering the Games.
Surely no one ever believed that a communist country would give free reign to foreign journalists or give way on human rights issues. How much is buck passing and how much was anticipated before hand we'll never know but one thing is for sure - I don't believe that the IOC believed what the communists were telling them and they gave the games to Beijing for reasons of their own. Maybe it will force China into softening, there may be a positive but I really think we are about to be hit with mobs of communist propaganda. Over the next few weeks I think I'll stay away from tabloid TV more than I normally do.