Costello has the ALP running scared

And he hasn't even thrown his hat in the ring yet! Clinton Porteous on Costello WAR GAMING against Peter Costello as the next Liberal leader has begun inside federal Labor ranks and one senior figure believes they have already struck gold.
"We will run advertisements saying: 'This man is only in politics because he can't get a job outside'," the Labor Party source said. Labor has plenty of material to work with, but the planning is also a further sign of how desperate things have become for the current Liberal leader Brendan Nelson.
True, but that is only one way of looking at it. The other viewpoint is that the planning is a further sign that the ALP are desperate to keep Costello out of the leaders seat. Costello will crucify Wayne Swan and put paid to his blaming the coalition for all our economic woes. He is an attack dog and we need someone to call the ALP to question. No one else is, not even the media. As a matter of interest, I can't recollect a Government ever running ads to influence the outcome of an election for the leader of the opposition before. A sure sign that the ALP don't want him anywhere near the front bench.


  • This is gonna be good!

  • And if he takes the baton it will be even better.

    I’d love to hear him spear skewer Swan.

  • Howard wuz right, we never had it so good.
    All because of Costello, he has the runs on the board.
    Swan is a lame duck – remember “the inflation genie is out of the bottle!”
    The banks would never have put up interest rates themselves under Costello’s watch.
    Labor is in BIG trouble.
    Well we all knew this was going to happen didn’t we – Labor cannot manage the economy.

  • I would love to see Costello as leader before the next election, would ensure victory for labor again.

  • That’s the spirit Eddie. The very next day all the media agreed with me so I have to presume you don’t read anything that’s negative.

  • The people just don’t like him, no matter how good his debating skills may be, put him up as leader and we can find out next election if he is there. The next Lib prime minister is not on the front bench at the moment I reckon.

  • Your not liking him doesn’t make it universal or permanent. He’s not my favourite either but he’s better than Nelsen and Turnbull. Neither of them are attacking with any substance when there are literally dozens of reasons to call the ALP to order and force a debate.

  • I actually don’t mind him to tell you the truth (still wouldn’t vote for him) , think he used to sell his budgets very well, I do however know a lot of liberal supporters my age that do not like him and would not vote for him. As I said the next Liberal PM is not on the front bench at the moment.