Keating supports Costello

PAUL Keating has called Peter Costello a "slow acting dope", and has slammed the Liberal Party for reconsidering him as leader. Looking better for Peter all the time - anyone Keating dislikes has to be good for the country.


  • Gotta be a goer if that senile sod don’t like him…..

  • A different view of Costello (courtesy –

  • Mate, Crikey have never been on-side with the Coalition so it’s like quoting the ALP at me.

    Actually, I was never a great fan of Costello until the last election where he showed some style but believe me he is the best attack dog we have. The media are letting Rudd and Swan get away with the most outlandish comments and so is Nelsen, hence his poor polls and all the media discussion about his leadership.

    Nelsen’s not leading, Turnbull’s too wet and Julie needs a little more time.

    Come back Peter, we need you!