Grocery Watch not being watched

Shoppers have shunned the Federal Government's grocery pricing website, prompting industry experts to label it a waste of taxpayers money. After being branded a "basket case" because it only listed once-a-month grocery prices, the $13 million website recorded a drop of 2.1 million visitors in its second week. Opposition finance spokesman Peter Dutton said considering the website's total cost of $13 million over four years, the number of hits from the past fortnight roughly worked out to about $10 a user, per year.
"It would be cheaper for Wayne Swan to stand outside Coles with gift vouchers," he said.
Another pointless initiative that will soon be forgotten.

One comment

  • $13 million for a simple database driven .net website held together with CSS.

    The content is thinner than the average blog on day one.

    I’m in the wrong game.