Happy birthday Sir Don

As we come down from a high post Olympics it might be time to remember Don Bradman, born 100 years ago today and forever enshrined as one of the greats of cricket. In this article we read he wasn't just on top of cricket but excelled everywhere he competed.
Even some American observers appreciated the importance of Bradman to cricket: "He was Babe Ruth without the swagger," Baltimore Sun journalist Bill Glauber once wrote. "Joe DiMaggio without Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jordan without the endorsements."
Twice as good as the leading pack he set records that more than likely will never be beaten.
Another measure where Bradman's record is superior is the performance comparison within the chosen sport. Bradman's average of 100 (rounded off to the nearest run) in 80 Test innings makes him twice as good as the next group of batsmen, whose averages fall between 40 and 60. In other words, he was worth the Chappell brothers, Ian and Greg, or the Waugh brothers, Steve and Mark. There were many fine players with averages in the 30s. For instance, Bradman was worth the combination of Paul Sheahan, Kim Hughes and Joe Darling, all top class, who would be selected for their country in any era.
Go read and remember how great he was.