Fairfax in trouble

It must be all giggles in The Australian headquarters as Fairfax journalists and staff eat their own entrails. Mike Carlton has just been sacked for not filing his column during a strike by the journalists and other media staff in Sydney and Melbourne. While Fairfax plummets further into obscurity The Australian will surely pick up the slack in circulation and all the better for the country, I might add. The story is replete with strikes, the mandatory strike breakers and a hero although Jaspan could only be a hero in a left-wing rag. I wonder if any are thinking...maybe if we hadn't drifted so far left in a centrist country.....


  • Junior journalists get a pay rise but not the overpaid, sorry more respected journalists – those getting, sorry, earning over $100grand don’t feel they are being paid what they are worth – so get a job where your talents are recognised. If you can’t do better, tough. That’s the market forces at work.

    If it’s good enough for everyone else, then it’s good enough for the over paid and over opinionated journalists.

  • Fairfax’s been in trouble for a very long time.

    They’ve only just realised it.

    Should be interesting times for we spectators.