Aussie GunnerHaven't been to Michael Yon's site for a month or two but visited today and found great reading on Afghanistan He is with the Brit's 2nd Para and writes of their day to day life fighting "Terry" Taliban (as the Brits call them). If you read on you will find some mention of us Aussies but only a passing reference. I would really like to see an Australian journalist submit reports on Australian operations with the personal detail Yon uses when reporting on the Brits and the Yanks. It has long been a complaint of mine that the Australian military Public Relations people are more reactive than proactive. I'm sure Australians would love to read of the daily struggles and successes of our troops in far off lands written in a positive style; to read of their sons and daughters lives as they play their part in the war. Surely it's a strategy of war to keep the public at home informed and yet all I ever read is terse military media emails that read just like the reports I used to write - just the facts man, just the facts. Minister for Defence said in Canberra today.......Chief of Navy says recruiting up....Gen Gillespie reports troops involved in clash... boring...boring. Come on guys, give us something to hang on to. Whatever, go read how Michael Yon tells a story. It's fascinating. Also read Where Eagles Dare - Yon's account of a convoy moving a giant turbine up-country to a dam to provide more power for the locals. The photo of the Aussie gunner above comes from that operation courtesy of the British Minister of Defence (MOD) Update: Reader FM points to a YouTube video on the Gunners supporting the Turbine Operation.