Drawing a very long bow

As a side issue of the incarceration of Australia Stern Hu by the Chinese government I’ve come across commentators who are somewhat confused.

This from Leigh Sales on Lateline

LEIGH SALES: Well Dr Southcott, isn’t it a bit rich for the Coalition to be so exercised about this matter when the Coalition left David Hicks at Guantanamo Bay for two years without charge and for five years without a completed trial?

Excuse me!

For the life of me I can’t imagine why Dr Southcott didn’t just mention the fact that Hicks was a terrorist and Hu is a businessman and there is no way known that anyone could draw a parallel between the two cases.

Except if you work for the ABC;

or write for The Australian for that matter.

Jack the insider raises the issue as well. He raises some reasonable points, as he usually does, but also opines that the Libs shouldn’t push Rudd to do something about Hu because they left Hicks languishing in a cell at Guantanamo for almost three years.

Hicks should still be in the pokey somewhere but I am not so sure about Hu but either way you’d have to draw a very long bow to connect the two in any shape manner or form.

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