Free bus fare home from pub

The Australian Government today announced extra emergency relief and financial counselling services will soon be available in Laverton and the Ngaanyatjarra Lands in Western Australia to help local residents who are experiencing financial hardship.
The Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, Jenny Macklin, today announced an extra $20,000 in emergency relief will be available to existing providers. Up to $25,000 has also been allocated for extra financial counselling services in and around Laverton and Kalgoorlie.
Maybe the word 'Precedence' could get a run here. Is the government planning to have $20,000 for emergency relief and another $25,000 available for all remote communities and what will be the rules. Or, will money only become available for such programmes whenever The Australian newspaper runs an article on another loan shark in another town. My take on the Laverton usurer loaning money to the locals was that they had spent all their money and had none to get back to their outstations. He loaned them money at 33% which is about the same that poor white people have to pay when they go to the local Pawn shop for help. Does that mean they now have a licence to go to town, spend all their money at the pub and takeaway and then just drop into the local Centrelink and get their bus fares home? I also note Macklin is planning to introduce a scheme where they can get their handout money weekly. Will that apply to all handout money recipients or just the indigenous ones? Band aid government by unqualified social medics in response to a newspaper article headlining what authorities should have known in first place.

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