Obama to visit

US PRESIDENT Barack Obama will be invited to address a joint sitting of the Australian Parliament in March, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said. I don't suppose Bob Brown will bring the country into disrepute as he did when George Bush visited. Most probably not.


  • probably because Obama is a man of integrity, not a war criminal who abandoned his own people in their time of greatest need (Katrina)

    • You need to understand the basic tenet of international relationships. A visiting head of state, particularly when the state is an important ally, should be treated with respect.

      It is not the man, it’s the appointment.

      Obama isn’t a man of integrity, he has consorted with criminals and radical activists in the past and most probably still does.

      Notwithstanding that, watch as the Coalition members treat him with respect when he is in Australia.

      Hatred is best left to the Left, they do it so well.

    • Eddie, you do understand that, under the US system (and ours) the federal govt does not have a right to intervene in disasters like Katrina, don’t you?

      The first responders are local, then state, then they must request assistance. do a spot of research and you will find that it was largely local and state failures in Katrina, on the federal front, in the case of a hurricane, assets cannot be forward positioned or they too will be destroyed by the hurricane, they need to be held back far enough to avoid the disaster, then brought forward, when called for, after the event has passed – by definition that means there will be a delay, that delay was extended by the incompetence of local and state authorities.

      re Obama being a man of integrity, he has already announced that he is planning on abandoning the people of Afghanistan in less than 18 months, hasn’t closed Guantanamo (as he promised he would), has appointed a stream of liars and cheats to Govt posts, the list goes on but you get the picture – integrity, he may be able to spell it, but understand it? no way.

  • why is it that some people can read it in black & white then read in between the lines then still pick up on the media slant and call 2 2=5…..intelligence is one thing….but I would rather plain common sense….

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