More school altercations

A MOTHER was holding her 15-month-old baby when she stabbed another woman in the stomach outside a Sydney infants school, police allege.
According to police facts, Ms Hoang allegedly pulled out a 20cm long knife following an argument outside the school gate and stabbed Ms Nguyen in the lower abdomen. Police allege the altercation between the women, who both served on the school's P&C, stemmed from 28-year-old Hoang believing Ms Nguyen caused the break-up of her relationship.
Bloody knives - what ever happened to 'bitch slapping'?


  • Part of the problem is that carrying knives has become relatively common in wider society.

    Perhaps it is time to give some thought to concealed carry laws for handguns.

    Do it as per the US where you do full ‘deescalation’ training and firearm training as per the police, if nothing else it means these knife carrying heroes would have to worry that someone nearby might be able to intervene.

    • I’m sure it’s a crime to carry any concealable weapon but I wonder what the hell schools can do about it. Weapon search at the gate isn’t a good thought but I’ll be interested to find out what St Pats are going to do about it. I’ll check this Friday….wait out.

  • Kev,
    Think back a few years on one of your overseas excursions, did you ever see anyone using a “bitch Slap”? Not if there was any more injurious method that could be adopted. Hundreds of years of war creates a need for preparedness we Australians do not quite understand yet. One of the problems we invite with the acceptance of overseas cultures is the acceptance of edged weapons as a method of deciding who wins the arguement. It’s the way of the world now, unfortunately. Australia is quickly adapting. If you get into an arguement, sometimes you have to very quickly decide if you should have running shoes on.

  • They carry knives and other assorted weapons in Asia Kev, they bring their culture here and we have to put up with it….

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