Costello still talks sense

With the Greatest moral challenge of our times now placed on the backburner by Rudd and Wong, Peter Costello ponders the reasons.
Now the legislation has become less important than getting 30 per cent of the GST from the states so the Commonwealth can rearrange financing in the hospital system. Can a momentous moral challenge fizzle out like this? Or are you beginning to suspect that all the crisis, all the urgency, was politically driven?
I’m damn sure it was. More;
The scientists who made exaggerated claims about the Himalayan glaciers and North African desertification undermined trust in the science behind global warming. And the politicians who made exaggerated claims about their policy proposals have undermined trust on the political issue.It would have been better had they been honest enough to admit the uncertainties, and acknowledge the downside of their policy.
And this on Earth Hour;
As it is, Earth Hour has become an apt metaphor for their tactical approach – a time to spread darkness rather than illumination.
The debate is not over, not by a long shot, and while people use emotive terms to describe us Skeptics as “Deniers” to liken us to Holocaust Deniers, and Flat Earthers, then it never will be.

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