Favicon takeover

I use a favicon for my websites depicting the old convict arrow (shown on the left). A favicon is the little icon alongside the site name in your browsers tabs.

Yesterday I visited the New Zealand Herald, not that I thought they might have something to say, but because they have an online crossword and I needed to defuse from website building.

When I backed out, their favicon came with me and adorns my browser alongside my site name.

Can’t get rid of either.

And no, I didn’t sign up to be a New Zealand Herald blogger.

Does anyone else see the NZH favicon or is it only on my computer?

13 Responses to Favicon takeover

  1. Cav says:

    I have a rule Kev, never post on your blog after a few rums.

    I still have the arrow thingo on my stuff here. The NZ paper logo “nzh’ comes up for their site next to their tab.

    I use Opera.

  2. I only see the convict icon.

  3. Kev says:

    Must be just on my box. Cached somewhere no doubt.

  4. kae says:

    It’s duckprints for me, too.

    • Kev says:

      You irreverent woman you. That “Duckprint” is a symbol of our colourful past, of mutinous officers and cowering Governors. It’s the closest thing we have to the US Civil war.
      Still, I had to giggle.

      • Bob says:

        Oh now I get it, there wasn’t a favicon with the Eureka stockade flag. I guess if there was you would have refrained from using it for fear of being lumped in with Robert 17?????’s crowd.

        • Kev says:

          Close to the truth actually. I loved the history and the flag but then the BLF took it over as their symbol and that lost it for me. It will take another generation to forget about it’s misappropriation by those bastards

      • Bob says:

        Tend to agree, when Labor’s Builders Front started to use it it became an icon that most of “us” tend to shy away from.

  5. Cav says:

    Yeah well it’s alright for you Kev, but what about those lopsided ‘G’ thingos against our comments. Where did they come from? Are they G strings from those sites you like to visit often perhaps?

  6. kae says:

    Good thing those “G”s are in square boxes, if they were in circles they could be mistaken for g-spots.

    Okay, I’m gone.

    Glad you liked my helpdesk funny, Kev, it certainly made me laugh out loud when I saw it.

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