Another Great Aussie dies

To prove I'm not Army-centric It is with regret that I announce that Air Commodore William Henry 'Bull' Garing (Rtd), CBE, DFC, DSC has died
One of Australia's most respected World War Two Air Force commanders, Air Commodore William Henry 'Bull' Garing passed away on New Year's Day at the age of 93. AIRCDRE Garing played a key role in the allied successes at Milne Bay and the Battle of the Bismarck Sea, which finally saw the threat to mainland Australia subdued.
Lateline mentions 'Bull' Garing in their treatment of The Battle of the Bismarck Sea. Before the Pacific campaign he won a DFC in the Atlantic when he single handedly attacked 5 Luftwaffe Bombers that were attacking an unarmed merchant ship. He was flying a a heavy Sunderland flying boat at the time and any pilot or would-be pilot should know that attacking bombers with a Sunderland redefines aggression. More>> Defence (RAAF) has an article on 'Bull' Garing here. Once again he did it well and we owe him.


  • You always had it in for those old RAAAFies; the buggers didn’t want to drop in on any LZ if anyone happened to be firing on said site.

  • Interesting story, heroic gentleman. Thanks for bringing this to our attention in the US of A.

  • Bikko; Yes, but that was 9 Sqn. Now 10 Sqn in Europe and the Pacific is a different story.

    Wallace; I didn’t know about ‘Bull’ until doing research yesterday – sounds like a top act. Was going to alert you via email but thought; “No he’ll read it”.

  • He would be an interesting inclusion into our Commemorative Air Force “Hall of Fame”. And I’ll bet that some of the old timers there knew him or of him.