Pot, meet Kettle

KEVIN Rudd has accused Tony Abbott of presiding over a policy dead zone when it comes to border security, saying the Opposition Leader is "100 per cent headline and zero per cent policy". That's as opposed to what Kevin? What policy do you have that has led to 101 illegal boats arriving on your watch? As I've said before;
The back door to Australia remains open or, seemingly off its hinges, as illegal boats, line astern, queue up for berthing at Christmas Island
The Libs had the same problem and did something about it. What are you going to do?

One comment

  • Rudd clearly thinks he is still in opposition. it is HIS job to have and implement policy. it is Abbotts job to oppose and given that, Abbott was part of the Govt that solved the problem before Rudd recreated it, it seems likely that Abbott knows how to fix it.

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