Bullet proof T Shirt!

Scientists in the US have developed a flexible shirt made of the same material used in tank armour, by combining carbon in the shirt with the third-hardest material on Earth, boron.
The plain white T-shirts are dipped into a boron solution, then heated in an oven at more than 1000C, which changes the cotton fibres into carbon fibres. The carbon fibres react with the boron solution and produce boron carbide - the same material used to make bulletproof plates in armoured vests.
"We expect that the nanowires can capture a bullet," Prof Li said. "Where does all the energy go?" soldier Kev asks. As an amusing aside, one comment says "OK, but can it make you fly"!


  • And after the T shirts are prepped, the insignia at: http://13695.spreadshirt.com/us-airways-boycotted-I1217699
    is applied.

  • I’m with you Kev,
    The fabric may prevent penetration of the shirt but what stops the shirt penetrating the body?
    In a vest the plates are rigid and of a thickness much greater that a tee shirt.
    A kevlar vest issued to police in Australia won’t stop a knife but reduces the likelihood of a penetrating wound from small arms. Although it will prevent penetration by a shotgun slug it creates a cavity in the chest underneath about the size of a football…..slightly uncomfortable. All the energy expended at the site of the indentation in the vest.
    Still a ways to go I think. Didn’t mention testing to prove the point.

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