Instant sacred site

IT started like any regular auction of a Sydney house in need of an update. It ended barely 30 minutes later in chaos. A group of Aboriginal men and women turned up in a minibus and handed out documents to startled potential bidders claiming that the property could be a sacred indigenous heritage site. This startling claim is based on the fact that there is a pile of what appears to be oyster shells in the back yard. So someone has a beer and shucks a few oysters out the back and the block becomes a sacred midden. I'm not sure of what to make of this insane ploy by the locals but the sellers and Real Estate guys must surely have a case to take these clowns to court.


  • I must admit, I’ve always wondered why a midden would be a sacred site, possibly of archaeological value (real middens, obviously), but is a garbage dump sacred?

    Looks a lot like a long running scam to me.

    • Its always puzzled me too. I guess If a were to set up camp in the bush, dig in a camp fire and say grace before each meal cooked there I could claim it as a sacred or holy place. I guess if I did the same in my back yard or disposed of the contents of a barbeque behind the shed someone else might make the same claim if I wasn’t there to rebut it.
      signed ….always the skeptic and since 1971 lacking in religious belief.

  • Apparently they have tracked down the previous owner of the property and it is sea shells and rocks that his family brought back from the beach.

    I’m guessing that the property will pay off twice now, once when the owners/auctioneers sue the arse off of the aboriginal group and then when it sells at auction later.

  • Never stand between a Real Estate agent and a quick quid. They’re a prime example of a parasitic industry. After being ripped off with our first home purchase, the next 11 homes we’ve owned since we were married were all bought and sold without agents.

  • I’m no fan of Estate agents (I believe that there should be one day a year when they are hunted for sport), however, I’m less of a fan of shonks that think they can throw around unresearched claims to scare off potential buyers, then put an absurdly low bid on the property.

  • Может быть кто-нить поделится ссылочкой на что-нибудь из этой же тематики? Уж очень заинтересовало