Aboriginal people must get jobs:Abbott

FEDERAL Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says indigenous Australians must get jobs, even if it means picking up rubbish.
Indigenous adults and children alike must be engaged in work and education, Mr Abbott told the Australia Unlimited conference of business leaders in Melbourne today. "So many people are spending so much money and time and effort to make a difference and the progress is so painfully slow," Mr Abbott said. "We just have to get the kids to school. They just have to go.
Now just sit back and wait for the ALP and the Left to start screaming RACIST! and the rest of the country to say - "well, of course they should!"


  • ABBOTT is correct of course.

    His common sense approach to the issue is just another reason why he won’t be elected.

    I’m afraid we’re about to see the rise of the tyrant GILLARD.

    I wish that it weren’t so.

  • I think she comes with a lot of baggage so I guess it depends on how much the Coalition sort through it and tell the public what they found.

    I just hope you are wrong.

  • Due to the attitudes of many Australians (one nation come liberal voters, phoney tony, Little jonny et al) one could assume that many aboriginals are not given a fair go in the first place, hence reducing them to jobs such as “picking up rubbish”

    Action, should not be directed at those who have through no fault of their own in many cases have been bought up in disfunctional households in the manner that phoney tony has suggested (that being the picking up of rubbish)

    Action should be directed at the root of the problem. Look at it this way, if you were born into a disfunctional household, be it an aboriginal or caucasian, where your parents were constantly drunk, on drugs or what have you, do you think you would turn out to be a productive member of socity? I think not.

    Abbot is looking for his Tampa, and those that support this course of action and thinking it is not “racist” are simply hiding behind a veil of white priviledge.

    God help us all if Phoney Tony and Sloppy Joe end up running this country. I will now wait for the expected diatribe that I am used to from your side of politics.

  • Your so called “Phoney Tony” actually visits our indigenous mates, sits down and talks with them and he has volunteered and taught at their schools. He’s not quite the phoney you would have us believe.

    You seem to start with the basic premise that all conservatives are racists but I can assure I’m not. What I am is a somewhat more pragmatic than most and have spent considerable time sitting down and talking to them – visiting and seeing their problems first hand. I have shared a drink with leaders such as Gallawruy Yunupingu and listened to their stories, so any opinion I have is at least based on some experience.

    Yes, you are right. The dysfunctional households are a part of the problem along with substance abuse, isolation and the subsequent lack of jobs not to mention a myriad of well intention white folk visiting over the decades and leaving another bureaucracy to replace the last failure.

    Whitlam and Nugget Coombs have to take some of the blame with their “outstation plan” that condemned everyone to isolation in deserts and the bush, far away from schools and jobs.

    The Left generally haven’t helped with their brand of “Noble Savage” adulation. Give them sit down money, encourage them to sing and dance but give them no sense of person. The men and women have been robbed of their place in the tribes and it’s all gone pear shaped.

    The answer is education but just that one word doesn’t begin to describe it. For education to be effective kids need to be fed, clothed, given a place to study and go to school everyday.

    For this to happen their parents have to be weened off their own particular type of hell – drugs, petrol sniffing, ganja, alcohol, etc so they can look after their kids. For this to happen they need jobs…for this to happen they need an education…

    Easy, isn’t it! When the current kids are educated and get jobs and then their kids are educated, then we may be getting somewhere but until then all we can do is what we try and do now.

    Making communities dry has an amazing effect on the community. A friend of mine, a policeman at Doomadgee recalls happy days during the Wet Season when the grog runners couldn’t get into town. Everyone was civilized, the kids fed and clothed and at school. When the rains ended it was chaos – knife and broken bottle fights, murders, rape – the whole lot.

    The solutions are practical, not ideological so we need to stop putting down on Abbott and Howard just because they are Conservatives and you obviously hate conservatives. They feel the same, they want the problems resolved, but their approach is just a tad more practical.

    Of course, you are well versed on Mal Brough’s plan that started to address these problems aren’t you? Maybe not, he is a conservative after all and all we apparently do is run around looking for Tampas

  • “Idle hands make for the Devil’s work”, or something like that. Having a job picking up rubbish leaves less time for getting on the turps. Having a job generally leads to having another job. Hell, I’ve literally shovelled shit for a living – and I pick up other people’s rubbish for free. Why some people should think these tasks are beneath them is beyond me. But because I had been a good and industrious shoveller of shit, my next employer was willing to take me on. And because I did a good job for him, my next employer was willing to take me on. I started on less than ten bucks an hour and now make over 10 times that.

    Tony is right – you have to start somewhere. The key is getting started. Sitting around on your arse getting pissed all day is not the way to get started. Getting out of bed and picking up chip packets is a good start. It’s not the end of the road – it’s the beginning.

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