Let's have a look at the woman who would be PM and her party Following a long line of wives of our leaders, all fairly classy women in their own right; from Patty Menzies, Zara Holt, Betina Gordon, Sonya McMahon, Maragaret Whitlam, Tamie Fraser, Hazel Hawke, Anita Keating, Jeannette Howard and through to Therese Rein we have plumeted to the latest boyfriend. The latest of three since she's been in Parliament. Call it what you will, ad hominem comments, misogyny, (definitely not true - I love 'em) or silly old fart, I simply I don't like it. I do look for social stability in a leader. She thinks Jim Cairns was a winner and denies she's had anything to do with the socialists for years - "It was just when I was young". Bullshit, as late as 2004 she was still a member of the Socialist Forum. Her first foray into International Affairs centered around her trying to get the boaties off the front page. She spoke to the President of East Timor when she should had spoken to the PM. She then said she wasn't thinking about East Timor and then said she was. The ALP can't understand NO. The East Timor parliament has voted NO, Their PM has said NO, their Defence Force Chief has said NO but Smith still says 'we are still negotiating'. If they are still negotiating then it's with themselves. I mean what part of NO don't they understand? The N or the bloody O? No answer before the election and likely a bad answer after. In an attempt to get ETS off the front page Gillard has said she is going to get a 150 Australians together to debate the issue and take it from there. So the greatest moral challenge of our time has been neutralized for the election by a silly idea that wont work and is basically tasking other people to do the work that the ALP were elected for. Veterans on COMSUPER (DFRBFD) Pensions. The graph shows the problem The Coalition will index the pensions to the Consumer Price Index (CPI), Male Total Average Weekly Earnings (MTAWE) or the Pensioner and Beneficiary Living Cost Index (PBLCI). whichever is the highest for all recipients over 55. The ALP refuse to address the anomaly and will do what they have always done - ignore votes in it. Well, be very careful Julia, there has been a very well coordinated marginal seat targeting by the ex service community and all parties have conceded our point and will address the issue - except the ALP. Foreign Affairs. Gillad looks like she will be obliged to give Rudd Foreign Affairs. That's the same Rudd who is on record as saying "The Chinese ratf****d us" That'll be good, won't it? And then after the election watch Rudd as he continues to build his CV for UN Leadership. Crossing the Hornibrook Highway heading north I spied the local ALP stalwarts on the side of the road with a hand printed sign proclaiming loudly RAIL!. Ah yes, the rail connection to the Redcliffe Peninsular has been promised for as many elections as I can remember - never happened of course and wont happen this time either. Comes from the same knee jerk response bin that the Epping rail link came from. Gillard simply did not care that literally billions of dollars were wasted on rorts, scams, overpricing, gouging and simple thievery associated with Labor’s complete lack of oversight during the Pink Batt Fiasco and the BER Debacle. She is not a new face. She was present for all of those bad decisions as part of the Gang of Four. She would have voted on them and yet we are expected to vote her in on a lot of words spoken since. Deeds speak for themselves. Remember the Pink Batts (have you seen Garrett lately/) Remember the Greatest moral challenge of our time (have you seen Penny Wong lately?) Remember the NBN - the most expensive broadband answer IN THE WORLD BAR NONE. It wasn't in the budget and is not costed thus there is no guarantee that the costs will be limited to just $43b. Remember their lies - Abbott will bring back work choices. How the hell is he going to do that when the Greens are going to have the balance of power in the Senate? In her final day of campaign all she can do is repeat the lie - Abbott will bring back Work Choices. Repeat mantra several times...mention the word risk 20 odd times. Like the Epping and Redcliffe railway lines - some people will believe anything. She lies while Abbott reminds the country of the Pink Batts debacle - a fact I'm keeping my fingers crossed tomorrow night. Not for myself, not for my beliefs, but for the good of the country. Another three years of ALP incompetence will just put us further behind the eight ball. Like Whitlam's fiasco it could take the next Coalition decades to get us back on track if the country doesn't cut their losses and get rid of them now.


  • Authorised by Brian Loughnane, Liberal Party of Australia, Cnr Blackall & Macquarie Streets, Barton ACT 2600.

  • No…my words, my opinion and my take on what’s wrong with the ALP.

  • Kev, except for this bit

    “Following a long line of wives of our leaders, all fairly classy women in their own right; from Patty Menzies, Zara Holt, Betina Gordon, Sonya McMahon, Maragaret Whitlam, Tamie Fraser, Hazel Hawke, Anita Keating, Jeannette Howard and through to Therese Rein we have plumeted to the latest boyfriend. The latest of three since she’s been in Parliament.”

    all of your post is fair comment. It is legitimate criticism.

    That bit, though, is gratuituous bullshit.

    She is not a Prime Minister’s wife. She is the Prime Minister. Judge her against her peers.: Robert Menzies, Harold Holt, John Gorton, Billie McMahon, Gough Whitlam, Malcolm Fraser, Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, John Howard and Kevin Rudd. Not their wives.

    If your oh so subtle point is about her current partner against the fidelity of her predecessors to their partners then don’t go there. We all know that most of them had pecadilloes and failings in one way or another. We accept that and respect that the prize they sought was to be Prime Minister and not Saint (well except Kevin Rudd, a bit).

    We rejoiced in Malcolm Fraser’s Memphis Moment for it made him very human to us, and we feared for him the wrath of Tammie, who among all the Prime Ministers’ wives you have listed was right there up among the top of those we most respected for her independence, her loyalty and her just common decency.

    No one in this election, as far as I am aware, has thrown any mud against Tony Abott for his premarital promiscuity. Nor should they. As events played out they were a lesson to us all about human frailty and human dignity and we grew from sharing his grace in responding to the events of his life as they unfolded before us.

    You should accord Julia Gillard the same decency unless you have something particular you wish to impart to us about Tim Mathieson who otherwise seems a quite ordinary person who makes his partner happy and who has played no greater part in this campaign than any other Prime Minister’s partner.

  • No matter who wins this election (and I believe it’s too close to call) the nation has been diminished by the campaign.
    Both parties have moved towards the centre and their policies (if you could call them that) are almost indistinguishable.
    It’s clear that the party apparatchiks believe that Australians are selfish, inward-looking and concerned only with the material aspects of their lives. They also must believe that we are a timorous lot, as fear has been used to the detriment of reason (boat people, workchoices).
    Their campaigns are geared towards this credo.
    I yearn for the sixties – great music – young people with ideals – and prepared to look beyond what they could eat drink and own. The sixties were a time to stir the souls of men and women.
    What has become of conviction?

    • Ah for selective recall…..forgotten Vietnam, the re-introduction of National Service and, after deferment your induction into the Army? It’s good to see you are getting away from that part of your life.
      A lot of those you speak of couldn’t see passed the toke and the smoke and the next one to bone. I guess that as a student and teacher at that time you didn’t notice that….., but Harry is right on the money, most of them grew up. Some even became teachers and pushed the leftist view into the education system.

      Thankfully todays students have acess to a more open view and can make informed choices, unlike some of those educated during the seventies.

  • “What has become of conviction?”

    People grew up.

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