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New England Tony Windsor. The ALP polled 7,396 votes or 8.1% of the total votes Lyne Rob Oakeshott The ALP polled 11,457 votes or 13.5% of the total In summary, on average 10.8% of voters in the Independent's electorates voted ALP but in the long term both electorates went to the ALP. The other 89.2% of the voters who voted against the ALP will be pleased.


  • A great result for Australia. You can thank that imbecile Joyce for contributing to this. How funny when ex Nationals vote for the ALP to form government.

  • Trivial Pusuit 2011

    Question: Who was the prime minister of Australia not elected twice?

  • ABBOTT will be the next PM, that’s my prediction. I also predict that cleaning up the mes that this current rabble will leave behind wil make one of his iron man marathons seem like a gently frolic in the park by comparison.

  • Peter W
    You’re demonstrating your ignorance of our parliamentary system.
    A basic primer –
    1. The PM is not directly elected by the voters. Unless you are on the electoral roll in his/her electorate, you don’t get to vote for him/her.
    2. The leader of the party that can form a government as reflected by a vote of the elected members on the floor of parliament becomes the PM. It matters not which party these elected members belong to at the time of the vote.
    3. We do not have a presidential system in Australia, despite what many commentators seem to believe.
    And for those with short memories –
    The ALP received 50.98% of the two-party preferred vote in 1998 and the Coalition 49.02%. John Howard became PM.

    • Oh you really are a shallow humourless pedant bobby red herring.

      PM Julia Gillard – twice appointed, but not elected – she might be in government, but she has no power.

      I can’t wait to see the look on her and Swan’s face when the Greens vote with the Coalition to pass Abbott’s mental health and and modified parental leave bills.

      Tony Abbott will be the first party leader to ‘govern’ from the opposition benches. What price a new election sooner rather than later?

      By then the Malthusian greens will have been subjected to some public scrutiny and the great unwashed will see Gillard’s marriage of convenience for the stupid decision it is. Giving Brown and his ilk greater access to the PM than Rudd gave his own ministers will not sit well with her ministers or the true believers in 7.30 Report land.

  • The ALP received 50.98% of the two-party preferred vote in 1998 and the Coalition 49.02%. John Howard became PM.
    Yeah, but Howard won more seats – The ALP didn’t in 2010.

  • “Howard won more seats”
    Precisely – these were seats which translated into votes on the floor of the house as a consequence of a coalition. Given that Labor, the Greens and the Independents in coalition (small c) can command 76 as against 74 for the Coalition (big c); the principle is exactly the same.
    What is obvious is that some on the right (not Abbott – he’s demonstrated a degree of dignity) believe that if the conventions accepted for years don’t get the result they wanted, they should change them until they do. They remind me of a schoolboys’ rugby team I once coached. It’s either an exhibition of sour grapes, or they don’t understand the protocols.
    Incidentally, Labor has (very narrowly) won the two-party preferred when the declaration votes are counted –
    The report is in the Fart of the Nation, so it must be true…..
    Not that it matters, as demonstrated above.

  • “They remind me of a schoolboys’ rugby team I once coached…”

    Was that before or after you were conscripted?

    I know you’ve been trying hard not to blurt out CONSCRIPTED and that it was beginning to hurt so I’ve released the pressure for you – enjoy.

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