Immigration being swamped

Now the ALP are back in power they need to do something about the asylum seeker boaties....still! Of course it's going to get worse as the world knows Australia still has open borders. Come one, come all...don't worry you're little heads about formalities...visas and UN refugee status is for the real asylum seekers. THE head of the Department of Immigration has made an "urgent" plea for additional staff, claiming his department is struggling to process the rising number of asylum seekers. Well now, he isn't singing from the ALP songbook is he? Read his letter here


  • Funny that. I’ve been living in this country for 63 years and haven’t looked like being swamped by “illegals”. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve actually ever met one.
    Frankly, it’s a total non-issue. It is a good beat-up, however.

    • It’s only a beat-up if you are happy to accept porous borders. I think the majority would like to see some control over who drops in unannounced.

  • My property is very close to a town which has accepted quite a large number of Sudanese and Hmong refugees. They didn’t come illegally by boat – they didn’t have the money to pay for airfares to Indonesia or to pay criminal people smugglers for a boat trip to Kev and Julia’s Xmas fun park. Instead they waited desperately in vile camps until they were processed by UHNCR and offered asylum in Australia.

    I have met a few from both communities – they have on the whole settled in well with a number of young girls from both groups participating in local ‘debutante’ balls and a ‘draft’ of tall athletic Sudanese teenagers playing Aussie Rules for example.

    Most of the refugees I’ve spoken to are amazed Australia allows boat after boat of ‘illegals’ to drift ashore to seek asylum. They find it difficult to understand why those with the money to arrive illegally seem to be given preferential treatment and end up in motels in Brisbane and Darwin.

    The older Sudanese men in particular have a problem with illegal arrivals – they tell a searing tale of their land being stripped from them by Arab invaders from the north-east who were seeking asylum and handouts at first. Once their numbers were high enough though, they denounced their African hosts who were then slaughtered or sold into slavery and dispossessed of their tribal homeland by Islamic gangsters sent to ‘protect’ their Arab guests.

    I was given a poem written in ‘Dinka’ by one of the old Sudanese men – it is filled with violence and despair. It is the fear that their exodus will be revisited upon them which makes them wary of the boat loads arriving in the north.

    I want the illegal arrivals stopped for different reasons – amongst them is the quaint idea that our borders should be secure and that the RAN should be stopping arrivals rather than just towing them to Christmas Island.

    That said, Gillard’s stupid idea of transferring illegal arrivals to East Timor is doomed to fail. Just imagine the friction between the dirt poor Timorese and the well fed, ‘refugees’ in camps with running water, health care, dental care, ample food, entertainment and education opportunities all of which are just a dream for the majority of locals outside the camps. Talk about a recipe for civil unrest, riots and mayhem, especially in a country which has so far been unable to settle down after its recent independence.

    And who’ll have to go and sort it out when it boils over?

    Yup – I reckon you’ve guessed it…

    But it’s just a beat up – ask bobby red herring safe in his non-wireless world…

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    You should get out more Bobby. I guess being at a place called Toowoomba away from mainstream Australia you haven\’t met many of the 23,000,000
    other people living in this country either. Being of the left you have a belief that rules are only made to be ignored or totally disobeyed, (Australian left that is, because if you were a national in other leftist regions disobedience is met with an iron fist). We\’ve been all over the subject of legals ( honest refugees) entering illegally (by the method oft described as maritime) and you still don\’t get it. If a person breaks into your home through the front door, up to the point where entry is made he is legally entitled to approach the door. Once the door is kicked in and enters he becomes a suspect probably worthy of detaining and notifying the Police. The Police will then try to ascertain the legalities of the forcible entry. Fairly basic. The forcible entry may or may not be an offence in itself (he may be entering to steal or he may be entering to put out the fire in your kitchen). This situation occurs about every 7 minutes in Australia, but you do not ask that we soften our approach to, or ignore, this problem. Whether we like the rules or not they exist, but because our systemm is seen to be a soft target illegal maritime entries should be discouraged when there are other acceptable avenues of entry. It appears to me that the people we speak of are not so much fleeing from their own countries, but seeking to reach ours and they are prepared to pay what would be huge sums of money in their own countries, and take great risks in doing so.

  • Peter W
    I call bullshit on your Dinka anecdote. I’ve been working with Sudanese refugees (mostly Dinka) in Toowoomba at TRAMS since 2002, and had plenty of conversations with them during that time. They don’t give a stuff about boat people, and the only time it has come up (I asked the question), it was met with a shrug and the comment “Why are they scared?” although I’m not sure whether he was referring to the refugees or those getting all worked up.
    This issue is a text book example of dog-whistle politics. Both sides use it,and it brings out the worst aspects of ignorance and fear.
    I don’t know who “Bobby” is, but it probably doesn’t matter, given that your rant makes no sense whatever. Your comment appears with “Error: Please enter the anti-spam word” at the top, which sums it up pretty accurately.

    • 1735099 I know who Bobby is and you know it matters. You stated that the last person to call you Robert was your Mum…..short term memory loss mate. Bobby is a nickname, in case you didn’t know, for Robert.

  • ROTFLMAO, 17etc, an extensively established bullshit artist, has the gall to “call bullshit” on someone.

    Having repeatedly proved you to be a liar 17, I call bullshit on you yet again. I trust nothing you post as I have established repeatedly that you lack integrity and any willingness to admit that when you don’t have an answer, you make one up. As I expect has happened here.

    And much like picking typos, picking that someone has been careless with a cut and paste on a blog post, is pretty much an admission that you have no useful argument to make.

    Keep digging.

  • “I call bullshit on your Dinka anecdote…” Really bobby red herring, given that you have a track record of lying on this blog I’ll leave it up to the readers to make up their minds who has the most credibility.

    By the way have you found a way to spin out of your lies about Joh and the un-built schools yet?

    No, didn’t think so.

    Bob, your comment about some people seeking to live in Australia rather than just fleeing their own homeland in fear of their lives and just ending up here is spot on.

    GetUp was ‘got’ when they sponsored a ‘refugee’ with just that back story as a political stunt to win a competition for a surfing lesson with Tony Abbott.

    GetUp’s Afghan stunt man, Riz Wakil, claimed he’d fled Afghanistan in fear of his life just like any other rufugee, but when questioned during a live radio interview admitted his wealthy family had paid what he described as his ‘fare’.

    He travelled to Pakistan then “caught a plane to Indonesia and stayed in Indonesia for a month before catching a boat.”

    Further questioning revealed he knew only too well that many desperate people were in refugee “queues” in Indonesia. He volunteered to the interviewer that he knew of people who had applied for refugee status and asylum in Australia who had been accepted as refugees and were awaiting placement.

    He went on to say he knew of numerous refugees who had been waiting in Indonesia for many months and some several years. However, the GetUp puppet arrogantly refused to accept that by paying an illegal people smuggler for a boat ride to Australia and being granted refugee status and asylum whilst others languished in camps in Indonesia he had ‘jumped a queue’. This despite the fact he acknowledged he had taken one of Australia’s 13,000 or so annual refugee placements and therefore condemned some poor soul without the means to ‘jump the queue’ any possibility of being settled here in that year’s intake.

    By the way Bob, you know when you’ve hit the mark with bobby red herring because he quickly builds another straw-man to hide behind. “Anti-spam word” = straw-man… Typical…

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