Rudd states the obvious

KEVIN Rudd has warned that flood-ravaged Pakistan faces a serious disease epidemic unless UN and aid agencies take immediate precautions. Gee, I bet no one else had thought that might be the case with major flooding in a third world country.

One comment

  • This is largely a problem because the Pak Govt has poor spending priorities.

    Researching then building nuclear weapons is not a cheap exercise, then you have designing and building a reliable delivery system for same, again, not cheap.

    Fielding the 7th largest military in the world doesn’t come cheap either (617,000 personnel on active duty, 513,000 in reserve and 304,000 in it’s paramilitary forces giving a total of almost 1,451,000 personnel).

    I’m buggered if I’ll contribute my money willingly to help when they are busy pissing away their own.

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