Conspiracy theorists rule

A SENIOR union leader has publicly stated he believes the September 11 terrorist attacks were a conspiracy and the Twin Towers were imploded. Kevin Bracken, Victorian branch secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia and president of the Victorian Trades Hall Council, is calling for a "proper investigation into the events of September 11''.
"I believe the official story is a conspiracy theory that doesn't stand up to scientific scrutiny,'' he told ABC radio host Jon Faine this morning.
Part of the power group running Australia - says it all really.


  • Freedom of speech is wonderful in a democracy. It allows the likes of Kevin Bracken to state his view, even when he is wrong, wrong and wrong! In this case I wonder if he is willing to live in a country where dissent is not tolerated. I think not!

    He can join the holocaust deniers.

  • This one reason why I believe so heavily in freedom of speech, like Holocaust Deniers, it allows them to to state their ideas and be ridiculed as they so richly deserve. Much better than giving them the leg up of allowing them to claim that their ‘knowledge’ is so dangerous that the Govt is suppressing it.

  • Regrettably, we seem to have the Clayton’s version of freedom of speech.

    Bracken can say what he wants about the attacks on the WTC and suffer no more than ridicule. However, if he spoke as strongly about the religion of those who carried out the attacks, Victoria’s HREOC would charge him. For some information on this unlovely organisation, Google “Two Pastors” and “Victoria HREOC”.

    Research some of the material thrown up and you will read that one of the pastors attempted to defend his position by arguing that at the seminar from which the trouble stemmed, he was quoting some of the Koran’s murderous bits straight from the Koran. The prosecution at the appeal clean bowled him, by advising the Bench that under the legislation truth is not a defence.

    I subsequently wrote to Victoria’s HREOC and asked if I quoted some of Churchill’s highly critical comments about Islam, whether I would be committing an offence. The answer was yes.

    Shutting down two preachers might be of little consequence. Shutting down Churchill is a different matter altogether.

    It seems to me that freedom of speech is in inverse proportion to the power of the “social justice” organisations that infest us – and we don’t have a shortage of them.

  • Unfortunately those two pastors either lacked the resources or the willingness to use the Mark Steyn ‘nuclear option’, when challenged in Canada in much the same way he (and a number of others) went on the front foot and publically attacked the commission, and since the commission was so anti basic civil rights it is now well on the way to total collapse.

    Freedom of speech means the freedom to offend.

    • Indeed it does Harry.

      I felt strongly enough about this to donate several times to Ezra Levant (who was involved with Mark Steyn in the battle with Canada’s many HREOCs. You can see Levant in action on Youtube on sequential videos at:

      Levant insisted on the interviews being filmed and on having his lawyers present. The heat got too much for the interviewer who sometime later quit.

      Likewise, I donated to the Dutch politician Geert Wilders, who also refused to be silenced by those with HREOC leanings.

      Had I been aware of the Two Pastors Case (I was OS at the time)I would have donated to them too. I believe their legal costs were well over $100,000.

      The cost to the Muslims who were asked by Victoria’s HREOC to go to the seminar and who later complained (I am not making this up) was zilch.

  • Dickheads make dickhead statements.

  • Costs to Muslims bring to mind something I read in a book.
    9/11 cost them, the Muslims, $500,000 to set up. To date it has cost America over $105 billion. Madrid train bombings cost them Euros 10,000. Spain is still paying out at Euros 212 million. 7/7 bombings less than 20,000 pounds, the Brits have paid out in excess of 600 million pounds. The point that I’m trying to make is that if all the Intel in the world got together and snuffed out these cells on their own turf it would be far cheaper in the long run. The book by the way is Extreme Risk written by Major Chris Hunter. He makes some very interesting observations on what we are fighting in the war against terrorists.

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