$46m for just one vote

THE HUMILIATION of winning only one vote from FIFA's 22-strong executive committee this morning caught Australia's 2022 World Cup bidding team off balance. Bid leader Frank Lowy and his team were confident of at least making a strong showing but seemed stunned to find that some FIFA executives reneged on their promises of support. The embarrassing harvest of just one vote meant Australia was the first bidder eliminated from the five-way race in Zurich after a campaign which cost $46 million of Federal Government funding and could have brought Australia billions of dollars in economic activity. Other than the fact that the ALP spent $46m to get one vote the story is a great yawn to me, being a follower of the game they play in heaven. I wonder how much Qatar paid? Disappointed Aussies demand an explanation


  • Hey Kev, it’s only a pansies game and nearly as corrupt as the NRL except the NRL players don’t fall on the ground clutching their legs for the free kick….. yet.

    The NRL boys are too busy laying bets, preening themselves and playing anti-football – you know…. putting the ball into second row of the scrum….. 4 blokes crash tackle 1 player, it’s legal so long as they don’t steal the ball from him at the same time….. just throw the ball between ya legs in the rucks, no need to play it back like the old days…. barge across the line and pretend you grounded the ball so that the two referees and sidelinesmen can take a break while the video ref looks at it from e-v-e-r-y angle, t-h-r-e-e times over and gives it the “ref’s call!”

    And you’re worried about that obscure game called soccer?

  • With a payment into the right account, probably could have achieved the same outcome for ten percent of the outlay.

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