Founding fathers confused

TWO founding fathers of the Greens say the split between the old-school environmentalists and the new generation of ideologically driven urban activists now swelling the parliamentary ranks could destabilise the party and alienate voters. Damn right it could - in fact is is. What Drew and Sanders don't understand, or at least don't mention, is that the various Green parties around the world became the party of choice for all those Marxist loving radicals of the 60s, 70s and 80s when communism become a lost cause. After the fall of the Berlin wall and the subsequent release of USSR archives that cataloged communism's crime against humanity general and their own people specifically, these useful idiots looked for the most left-of-centre party they could and flocked to the Greens. The Koala, tree and whale hugging mob have thus been swamped with ideological radicals who support terrorism in all its form on the basis that anything that hurts capitalism and its main exponent, the US, gives them a warm inner glow and is therefore justifiable. Its almost as satisfying as openly supporting communism and while the public are confused with tree hugging and anti US and Israel statements on the same platform these useful idiots enjoy a bit of camouflage as they push their same old hatreds of the society that feeds them. They are dangerous.


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