Bloody Soldiers

Army Aviation in trouble. have the story here but no pic. It took me awhile but I found it. Armyhuey.jpg Politically incorrect and therefore funny. I hope the digger’s OC has a sense of humour and doesn’t come down to hard on him.I know I would have trouble keeping a straight face during the hearing.


  • The Army brass obviously are under worked and have too much spare time! Its a joke and they should get over it and get on with life! There are many more immediate problems to be sorted out within the ADF than some soldier holding a sign outside a bloody “Huey” in flight!
    For instance use of highly suspect anti malaria drugs in Iraq, correct fitting and suitable basic back packs and webbing, erosian of soldiers conditions and wages to name a few!
    Bernie McGurgan

  • Reminds me of my younger days in the 25th Infantry Division when we got back to Hawaii. We used to take out a Huey on “important” business and conveniently fly off of the nudist beach on Kauai. Until one of the incensed nudists got our tail I.D. number…….that was that.

  • I was at Indy and these guys were flying low, it was awesome.

    The sign was out and it was also working, a pic on the front page of the Gold Coast Bulletin showed it worked.

    My son, who is 8, couldnt make out what was on the sign but he loved the fly over by the Army chopper.

    The hand wringing dicks that have bitched about this are pathetic.

    It’s good to see our buys having a good time and the crowds loved them.

  • My RAAF logbook shows I last flew A2-295 in 1974 when she was still in service with No 5 Squadron at RAAF Base Fairbairn ACT.

    Since then I am sure she has carried a lot worse than an amusing sign. I trust the Army will leave the old girl and her young crew alone.

  • HRT.

    I trust the fact that the old girl is still being used irreverantly brought a smile to your face.

  • Some people have no sense of humor, I suppose. It’s okay if you’re willing to sacrifice your life in service of your country, but don’t be asking girls to lift their shirts. The PC crowd really needs to get a life.