Phillip Adams in a quandary

Poor Phillip Adams - doesn't like Julia, doesn't like Tony, doesn't like the ALP (He's resigned) and his hatred of Abbott is so palpable he tries this line;
The lack of enthusiasm for a Mad Monk regime is palpable in public opinion and the polls. People would prefer root canal work without anaesthesia to having him in the Lodge. They'd prefer to be making a different choice - between Rudd and Turnbull. And, in all too rare an example of bipartisan accord, so would Rudd and Turnbull.
You should check the polls before writing such swill, Phillip. Turnbull is only preferred by the ALP and/or Climate Change worshipers and Rudd has had his day - and stuffed that big time. Abbott improves every day and is turning into a potential PM while he systematically tears the ALP apart. Good to see the old fool Adams not getting his way - good for the country and anything that troubles the old commo is fine by me.

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