Vietnam bound

The Vietnamese Socialists are still getting up my ribs. The Australian Government/Customs are happy that I have 6 months left on my passport on return to Australia but not the bloody Vietnamese. They want 12 months. This socialist bullshit costs me another $230 for a quick new passport and not a little inconvenience. $230 isn’t a big deal but would be better utilized in the bars markets of Vung Tau. By the time I got my new passport I was left with an eight day window to arrange a visa through the Sydney Consulate. Not enough time – you will have to pay double to get the visa before the booked flight (18th Dec). I promised my son I would be polite to all official looking people, particularly if they are carrying AK47s, but I’m not to sure whether I didn’t make that promise to quickly. Never mind…it will all work out in the end.


  • Good luck on your visit, assuming you make it. I assume you will. Take a lot of pix!

  • Kev, did you need a visa for your first visit?

  • A Commie VN delegation were welcomed in the public gallery of the Senate the other day.

    What the f*** are they doing here being welcomed by politicians?

    I wouldn’t go there again if you paid me, but I suppose you have made up your mind.

    Keep your feet on the ground, mate, a lot of water has gone under the bridge since then, but it won’t seem like it.

  • Paul – No – just a score card.

    Pete – I’ll be avoiding propaganda choke points, (like a ping in a mine detector) will visit some Regimental sacred sites and enjoy time with my son and some chosen expats and locals. We have the contacts – The Regimental mafia still functions and has a strong base in Vietnam…..Round Two maybe?

  • Kev – best wishes for the new year.

    Mate, my visit to The Funny Farm was government sponsored in 66’7 and so will my next.

    To visit and at your cost to be bombarded with socialist propoganda that is false is not a holiday. They have rewritten their countries history and it is not worth the effort for geriatric fart

  • Mate,
    You are a braver man than me. One visit was enough. Good luck, watch your arse.

  • I’m paying good money for this trip and expect a much better standard of service and treatment from the locals.

  • Kev, from reports from other recent visitors, I reckon you will enjoy it and get value for money. I look forward to reading your holrep and viewing the occasional photo.

  • You’re just a bit too nervous about this trip, Kev, although i felt the same when I first went back in ’95. Within 24 hours, you’ll have a whole new Mind Set. And looking around at today’s Vietnam, you’ll wonder who really won the war. (Hint: it wasn’t the guys with the AK’s.) Plus, one-on-one, you’ll find the Vietnamese will totally agree with your attitude about them Commies.
    Have a great trip and see ‘ya when you’re back.