Foreign Aid

As a matter of interest, can anyone tell me how much Iran, Saudi Arabia, Oman or Yemen have donated to the Tsunami victims. There is some serious money over there with Iran's GDP just a little less than Australia's and Saudi Arabia's nearly 300 billion. There are a lot of Moslems in the troubled areas so one would think they would want to help their brothers even if they ignored the plight of any christians. I'm sure they are helping - I just haven't seen it in the media


  • Of equal interest, has anyone heard anything from millionaire terrorist OBL in regards kicking in even one dollar to help?

  • As of Jan. 1:

    Qatar 10 million
    Libya 2 million
    Saudis 10 million

    Islamic websites are replying to those who ask ‘is it ok to give donations to non-Muslims’ with the following advice:

    * ‘There is no harm or prohibition to pray for those people who lost their lives in that natural disaster. However, your beloved Muslim brothers and sisters deserve more and more of prayers and du?aa?. They deserve your moral and financial assistances. You should share their sorrow and difficult time and do invoke Allah to accept them among the Shuhada? or martyrs on the day of Judgment.’

    * ‘Thus, Zakah should be given to poor and needy Muslims. Some non-Muslims may receive a portion of Zakah if there is hope that by giving them Zakah that might lead to their conversion into Islam. They would be then considered under the category of mu?allafati qulubuhun or those whose hearts are inclined to accept Islam.’

    Islamic ‘clerics’ in Acah are demanding that aid workers wear ‘Islamic dress’. I wonder how long it will be before an aid worker is kidnapped or murdered?

    My donation money will be directed at Thailand and the Andamans.

  • Thanks dee. It is a pity there are riders attached to donations. Imagine if we said ‘for christians only’? The big difference is we never would.

  • I agree Kev, that is what makes our culture superior to theirs I suppose.

    Even poor struggling East Timor is donating money to Indonesia, whose military committed such atrocities against them.

    They are far better Christians than I will ever be.