Kiwis embarrassed

Australia raises more at a cricket match for Tsunami victims than the NZ Government gives in aid.

IN true Australian fashion, the nation turned to sport in response to its heartbreak over the tsunami disaster and raised $14.6 million for the devastated regions of Sri Lanka and India.

Striving hard be outdone, NZ offers the proceeds of an afternoon tea party at the Lefty Luvvies club in Wellington.

NEW Zealand will dramatically raise its tsunami aid after criticism of the Government’s “inadequate” $NZ10million donation and embarrassment over aircraft breakdowns that have hampered aid flights.

Not only is Hulun Clarke tight she is also anti military. Having disabled the fighter arm of the NZ Airforce she has also opted to rebuild 38 year old Hercules aircraft rather than buy new ones.

And pays the cost.

Two New Zealand Air Force C-130 Hercules planes have struck maintenance problems in recent days while attempting to deliver aid to the Indonesian province of Aceh, forcing flights to be delayed and preventing Foreign Minister Phil Goff from touring the devastated region.

I though left leaning governments were big on charity but with Australia giving an average of $57.25 per person and NZ $2.45 per I’m not so sure.

I don’t have an issue with Kiwis per se except to point out that they are developing a track record of voting in weird governments.

I now wait for the caterwauling from the left about how Hulun Clarke was embarrased into increasing donations to the Tsunami victims – just like George Bush.


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