More killed by government incompetence

A boat sinks, hundreds die and the ALP say it's too tragic for politics which sounds like a political statement to me. Everyone is ignoring the elephant in the room and declining to politicise the most recent 'life style seeker' tragedy off Indonesia. The Libs don't have to say anything as they know reasonably smart voters can see it for what it is - they don't have to tell them. No such reticence here! All tragedies that have happened since Australia lost direction and voted in a lot of undelivered promises have Gillard's name all over them. A litany of stuff-ups followed the election of these incompetents. Gillard and Rudd canceled Howard's answer even though it was working.....she spoke to the president of East Timor (oops! should have spoken to the PM) but insisted on stating the ALP were holding talks with East Timor even while East Timor said NO from day one.....said she couldn't use Narau as it wasn't a signatory to the UN convention so chose Malaysia who likewise wasn't a signatory to the convention. Meanwhile Narau said they would sign the convention if that is was it takes to get involved quickly followed by the High Court telling her she couldn't use Malaysia. I'd like to talk to the 30% who still says she's OK. Don't they read newspapers or watch the news? Tony Kevin of A Certain maritime Incident fame went into overdrive when something similar happened whilst John Howard held the reigns. Driven by hatred of Howard and conservatives generally, he wrote a book and regularly appeared on the ABC castigating Howard and trying to get the government cited for murder. He also accuse the RAN of ignoring distress signal (of a boat that was sinking in Indon waters) If any reader has his email address please give it to me and I'll ask him the name of his new book detailing similar incidences under the Gillard government. I'm sure he's working on it A review on his last book says;
In a careful and well-researched argument, Kevin implies that those who drowned when the SIEV X capsized were not only victims of an unscrupulous people smuggler, Abu Quassey, whom Australian authorities have shown surprisingly little interest in apprehending. They were also casualties of the Howard Government's efforts to deter asylum-seekers from seeking refuge in northern Australia.
The Greens abrogate all responsibilities as well. Sarah Hanson-Young tosses a throw-away line into the mix when asked if the Greens feel responsible at all.
Of course not. Tragedies happen, accidents happen
Dead right Sarah, and they will keep on happening while you and your idiot mates ignore the realities of life. Gillard and the Greens have created a nightmare by continuing to pander to the Asylum seeker industry. They are effectively telling all and sundry; come to Australia, we are so confused you will just be able to arrive and get accepted as legitimate asylum seekers, no questions asked. We have no concept of borders, everyone is welcome legitimate or not - we don't care so go for it! We are being led by fools.


  • Accidents do happen, but when you leave a trail of lollies that leads into a minefield, can you really call it an accident when a child gets blown up?

    We are not being led by just fools – they are fools, liars, incompetents and cowards, lets at least be accurate.

  • Hear hear Kev.

    Well put.

  • Well said. This popped up in an email this week…

    Word of the week…

    Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy) – a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

    Fits the current Labor/Greens Govt rather well I thought.

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