They still don’t get it!

I have just been watching ABC24 and they claim yesterdays thugs are still at the camp on the lawns of old parliament house demanding Abbott explains himself.

I’m almost beside myself with rage that these thugs have the temerity to continue with their garbage after yesterdays assault on the PM and Opposition Leader. Good thing I don’t live in Canberra – I’d be in all sorts of trouble.

The Left are all over this blaming Abbott, the police and protection services for over reacting and even the public servant who organized the event so close to the thugs.

But not, of course, the thugs.

I’ll make a prediction – no one will be charged and the thugs camp will stay. Like modern day parenting – everyone is too scared to smack the kid on the bum and tell him to behave.

4 Responses to They still don’t get it!

  1. John Van Krimpen says:

    I thought the idea was to rid Australia of shanty towns bridge the real disadvantage divide.

    I’m afraid I’m on the same page as Tony Abbott, 40 years is a long time.

    Penbo at probably says it best from a media point of view.

    Personally calling it a tent embassy is a bit rich.

    As for common assault, nowhere is that written as freedom of expression or assembly.

  2. harry buttle says:

    Abbott didn’t say that it was time to move the embassy on, he said ‘It’s time to move on’.

    However, on the basis of their actions IMO it is indeed time to move the embassy on.

    Very interesting stuff this too-

  3. PeterW says:


    “A JUNIOR adviser to Julia Gillard has resigned after revealing Tony Abbott’s presence at an Australia Day function yesterday in a move that sparked a violent protest by Aboriginal activists.”

  4. Tia says:

    Well then the term would be dbolue standard. It’s apparently OK to lie as long as it means you will personally get paid more. I don’t want financial assistance, that’s welfare and is another quiet step on the road to socialism.

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