Bloody Communists…bloody ABC!

I went down to Gloria Jeans to get a caffeine fix and on the way back the ABC were quoting Lee Rhiannon, resident communist in the Greens. She was prattling on about Bob Carr needing to disclose all his conflicts of interest before he takes up Foreign Affairs. Two points; First: Lee, talk to Bob Brown about conflicts of interest, bring up Graeme Wood's $1.6m donation to The Greens that turned the ever dangerous lunatics into a third power in politics. Mention the purchase of land from Gunns, Tasmania and Bob's demanding the ALP not allocate any funding to help Gunns stave of the bid by Wood. Now that's a conflict of interests. And second: Why is it that the ABC are quoting communists. How does it happen. Does she phone up her fellow travelers in the ABC and arrange air time? Or do the ABC have the Greens and communists on speed dial and phone and ask them to comment? Either way The Greens only represent about 10% of the population, thus air time should be on a similar ratio - not the other way around. Further, considering communists represent about .001% of the electorate we should only hear from Lee about once every three years. Bloody Communists...bloody ABC!

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