Campbell Newman cleaning out the stables

ALMOST 70 staff within the state’s now-defunct Climate Change Office will be offered taxpayer-funded golden handshakes of $6500 or more to leave the public service. Two weeks after the Newman Government axed the office, headed by former premier Anna Bligh’s husband Greg Withers, its 67 staff members have been offered voluntary redundancy packages. A further 18 employees from the disbanded Sentencing Advisory Council and Queensland Workplace Rights Office have also been contacted. Staff will be offered their leave entitlements and a severance payment of two weeks’ pay per year of service, plus the added sweetener of an incentive payment worth $6500 or eight weeks’ pay, whichever is greater. Sounds like a positive step to me. Anything these people do can be covered by already existing departments. Now let’s look at Queensland Health, the third biggest employer in the country.


  • Every fortnight as I head west along the buggered Warrego highway I’ll think of Napoleon Newman –
    The Chronicle’s editorial is scathing. The new LNP local member somehow blames the Bligh government. Sorry Macca – you’re in power now…..
    As the editorial put it (under the heading “Voters feel betrayed”) – “Voters expect to see results in their electorates, not excuses. Forget what labor did or did not promise in the past, you’re in power now gents, and the pressure is well and truly on”.
    Another white-shoe from the SE corner….didn’t take him long to get the Warrego/Maranoa offside.

    • Your selective memory is working overtime 1735099.
      I can’t recall the last time you posted something about the Labor feds indicating that they should no longer blame previous Governments for the problems they face, or create for themselves.

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