You’re not silly Ron

Ron Pike, Coffs Harbour, NSW writes to the Editor of The Australian
I MUST be a bit silly because I can't fathom all this green stuff. We stop building dams and power stations and make water and electricity more expensive. We shut down the sustainable logging industry and import more timber. We truncate our irrigated agriculture and import more food. Now it seems we must pay our fishers to stop fishing and import most of our fish. This all results in a loss of productive taxpaying jobs that are replaced with unproductive taxpayer-funded jobs. Then we import more people to share in our diminished productive capacity to produce the staples of life. I think I will have to go back to one of these progressive schools and learn about this green stuff.
Going to a progressive school wont help you Ron as you have to suspend all belief in human development and to place humans down the evolutionary tree below all endangered species. You sound to pragmatic to ever graduate from such an establishment.

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