CFMEU Thug is a thug

So the guy suing Abbott for referring to him as a thug has been charged with 60 charges leading to dozens of convictions and fines including theft, assault by kicking, criminal damage and assaulting police between 1982 and 1991. Ie, thuggery. Setka, the Victorian CFMEU thug in question, typifies the construction union attitudes. They, by themselves, raise the issue of unions running amok in Australia under a union led government. Abbott needs to start talking about reigning them in to mainstream civilized society along with forcing the union leadership to be subject to audit. The same standards set for business should apply to these guys.


    • Here we go again 1735099 has a quote from a person reported in the news somewhere.  The quote asserts that a complaint from a supposedly  aggrieved person is evidence that the subject of the complaint is true.  Sadly the person making this statement is incorrect.  The complaint is an allegation/assertion that requires evidence to prove the truth of that allegation/assertion.  If the numerical wonder of the 1970s believes that an allegation in and of itself is evidence of the truth of that allegation then when I call him a fool, that allegation is evidence of his foolishness and should be taken to be true.
      The statement that a complaint was made may well be evidence of first complaint being made but it is certainly not proof of the nature of the complaint.  It may well go to the veracity of the person making the complaint on a second or later occasion, but still does not become evidence of the truth of the complaint.

  • That’s all you guys have.  Lets trawl back all the way to kindy and see if we can get someone to say Abbott has problems with women.  Marr is a well known hater of Abbott and will say anything to put him down.  The rest of the country says ‘Yeh – let’s move on’ while the ALP and the Left just keep up with the ‘But look, you have to believe us – he’s the devil incarnate and hates women’

    MSM, ABC/SBS and other left wing organizations spend hours and column inches talking about Abbott’s misogyny with the obvious aim of distracting people’s attention from the ALP’s litany of stuff-ups.

    The story of the day is how the ALP are mismanaging the country, not Abbott and what he allegedly done 20 years ago.

    Oh, are you really drawing a comparison between the spurious allegation that Abbott punched a wall near a princess and Setka’s proven and current crime sheet?

  • The Abbott “punch” story is a beat up (pun intended) – not one single “witness” actually saw anything happen, nor did anyone speak of it in the intervening years, nor did the witless woman involved mention this supposed attack in either of the 2 whining letters she sent to the school newspaper complaining about Abbott around that time.

    Funny really, a 19 year old Abbott should be held fully to account for acts that he is alleged to have performed.

    Julia, however, was a ‘young and naive’ woman who was taken in by her partner and should not be held to any account for creating a corrupt slush fund, at 35 whilst a partner in a serious law firm. 

    Laughable and only a fool would bother quoting it, but then one did. 

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