Bulls:63 Stupid Spaniards: Zip

The annual Running of the Bulls at San Sebastian de los Reyes just north of Madrid ends in drama when a bottleneck of young thrill seekers develops and is split open by several 600 kg bulls.
A RUNNING of the bulls in a Spanish town outside the capital today left 63 people injured after the crowd was trapped at the entrance to the bullring.
I've done some work with bulls in my time, have always treated them with utmost respect and have never thought to get involved in a race with them. They simply move faster than humans...at least this one. Just seems kind of stupid to me


  • Yep, it’s bloody stupid, but that hasn’t stopped me from being tempted to have a go.

    I’m surprised in these nanny state days it hasn’t been shut down. Personally I’m of the view that you should be free to do something stupid as long as no one else who hasn’t also decide to join in your stupid activity gets hurt. This would seem to qualify.

  • murph must be faster than you, Kev :)

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  • I’m stupid enough to wish I had done this when I was younger. I spent much of my desolute youth having “experiences”.

  • Whenever I see such a contest between animal and “intelligent” human, I always barrack for the bull or crocodile etc.

  • Dunno. I’d be willing to run the bulls… considering all the beef I’ve eaten over the years, it’d be fair to give ’em a chance to score a point for their side. ;-)